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Remembering Which Pearl Harbor.

I of course get to whine that the evil s9 dropped the GlennBeckistanian Whine about how the current which ever is the new pearl harbor. So I tried to get an answer about which Pearl Harbor kult thing are we all suppose to be getting our game on about?

Would this be the Pearl Harbor of say, Jack London Fame? never mind the details about how that was a 1943 movie, and therefore was not really as predictive of the evil yellow peril as we might expect? Or should we say pause with Billy Mitchell and queue the elegant Court Martial ThereOf (1955) as we deal with, gosh, that big SCARY GUILT ISSUE, that GOSH, why just as in Command Decision (1948) there were those after the war who were concerned about not quite looking like they had been, well, you know, soft on the Military.... I mean would anyone after WWII really want to be stuck stepping on their dick about Billy Mitchell, and, well the fact that he did call the ball on Pearl Harbor in ways that Red Hollywood had laid off on Jack London... Would sorta sucked to have had that film come out in the middle of the war.... IMAGINE the whole 'why there are 57 known fellow travelors of...'

Instead, we are SOOOOOOOOO in need of Battle of Taranto as the follow up to all of those Stunning WWI RAF v. German Navy thingies... For those folks who do not have the time to click on through - The battle of Taranto is the RN's Air Arm against the Italian Fleet at the Harbor of Taranto - 1940. Yup, that is what is referred to in Tora! Tora! Tora! the glorious american effort to make it ok to deal with the japanese! A crucial cultural issue, given the growing need for, well... anime...

So please, let us not act like stoopid touristing americans. Those following Naval v. air arms were well aware of what would happen if an air strike were launched on the fleet at pearl. If there is any insanity that americans have never emotionally resolved, it is the crisis of faith about what really did go wrong there.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, the Communist Red Hordes in Red Hollywood would give us Across the pacific with boggie in 1942. So yes, we really should thank red hollywood for saving the canal from the Communist Hordes, or which ever is our current party line.

But there are also the other problems in sorting out which symbolism of the whole Pearl Harbor Thingie, since, well gosh.... We really should be polite and thank the japanese for doing the right thing and helping the americans liberate themselves from the bourgiese decadence of a battleship navy. { yes kids, for extra credit remember stalin's official position on battleships and the soviet navy, and hence why when they did finally adopt a battle cruiser class, well... that rotational sound... it's not really that technical an issue. }

The japanese by failing to get the american carriers, and skipping over the sub base, were to allow for the implementation of the twin HORRORS of anti-battleship navy. On the one hand the well documented horror of PrimaDonnaHell that would finally degenerate into Tom Cruise Movies. Which of course were sorta fun, since, well, ok, so maybe someone inside of RedHollywood understood that they were making a fleet grade Rocky Horror Picture Show. But... one should not ascribe to malice where mere incompetence will suffice! But.... Well, ok, it could be a part of an ontological proof of god under the argument from divine comedy! Now don't get me wrong here folks! I have nothing against carrier creatures! Nice people really. Just not sure you really want them dating your parents.

So let us skip over the carrier action, since if you are under educated enough to not know about the american carrier war in the pacific, I am DULY impressed you got this far.

What most folks do not know is that the american submarine fleet was basically of two minds. The first part were the ideological puppet toady stooges of the revisionist reactionary battleship fleet mentality and presumed that the sole role of submarines was to be the vanguard of the battleship fleet. Ok, so the japanese submariners would never get the idea that economic warfare is far more dangerous than all of that samurai with torpedo ideology. In one of the greatest pieces of 'war gaming history' the struggle inside the japanese naval command would be ironic and allow japanese naval air hot heads play the americans in their wargame about midway. The Judges ruled against the hot heads, since of course the americans would never do anything like that. Technically the judges were sorta correct, since the americans did FAR WORSE DAMAGE.

Now that I think about it, why is it that so few americans talk about the glorious Rainbow plans, Let alone discussing say War Plan Orange could it be that, well, uh, without the battleship fleet one had to deal with the realpolitik in the real world, rather than in GlennBeckianist Dogmatic commitment to ideological purity?

I think that folks really should thank folks like Dr. Pape, and his Bombing to Win and other such analysis of the actual influence of air power in the pacific.... cause, uh, after the american submarine force implemented Doernitz's unrestricted submarine warfare policies - even if that did mean sinking ships with american POW's on them - it left Japan lacking in the raw materials to continue a protracted war. I shall leave it to pedants to wank out whether it was the destruction of the Manchurian Army - which had been abandoned there, and would not have been able to defend the homeland.... uh, for lack of transports to get them home to defend the homeland. Or that nuclear bomb thing which helped save the americans from their Operation Downfall.

But americans really should wonder why it is that here we are this many years after the most glorious of all economic wars against another nation, and well, let us be honest kids, it really does justify the American Navy's defense of Grand Admiral Doenitz! I mean, we showed the world that if you are willing to engage in the sort of grand military operation to destroy the economy of ferrign yellow devils, uh... you will be able to then litigate if they had falsely covered up the threat of their yellow peril hybrid cars - which they were selling in america because GM litigated itself out of it's lead in electric cars in california....

Hum.... Makes a Guy Think...

What if Glenn Beck is correct, and that just as FDR had personally lead the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers to attack our fleet in Pearl Harbor, the current policies of that Uppity One are a threat because it might allow other nations to take advantage of the fact that america is crushed under the horrors of frivolous lawsuits, like that whole thing of Orly Taitz, and the concern that Obama does not really have a belly button, because he is really a space alien! I mean! has anyone actually seen that Obama has a real belly button? A real Human Being Belly Button... SO clearly the persecution by obamanites of innocent Orly Taitz MUST prove that the Obamanites were the ones who supplied the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers to FDR to attack our fleet so that they would be freed up from the horrors of Bourgeoisie Euro-Centerist White Male Dogma about naval warfare!

But hold on there a moment folks, why we are then left to deal with whether or not this means that GlennBeckista are attacking JOHN WAYNE! Since in the lovely In Harm's Way we have Otto Preminger addressing the problems of the psuedo-cons who were opposed to Mr. Roosevelt's war and gosh, given the GlennBeckista's take on stuff, one has to wonder what John Wayne ever did to him that GlennBeckista so, well hate's John Wayne! Why that is tantamount to hating our whole american way of life!

Or are we suppose to see GlennBeckista as the anti-ForrestGump whining:
Life is like a box of Flatulence.
Sometimes it is smelly.
Sometimes it is boxy
If you know what we mean.

{ hey snivellers, yeah you freaks, the groupies who are aware of some of the decrypts, and are still basically hating John Wayne and trying to blame Pearl Harbor on FDR in some other way... Yeah, cope with your deep seated emotional crisis! }

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