drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

I love kabuki security

I love Kabuki Theatre! The firm that will be dealing my RSU/ESOP is playing the Patriot Act, and that some credit agency is not vetting that I am me, because the credit agency doesn't believe i am me for some reason. Never mind that the company pushing the RSU had to vet me for the patriot act! So they pop the question about a name that is no longer operable, as she changed it back after the 2nd divorce, and wanted me to tie a birth date to this non-existing name. I mean, hell, if I had remembered those sorts of things 20+ years ago I might not have been divorced....

But fortunately we can trust the free market to do the right thing, this is why we are outsourcing the whatever On Whom Ever to no bid contractors! Since only the rational expectations of the market can keep us safe from the growing threat that people who have been divorced for more than 20 years might not remember the birthday of that person!

And you know that will cause Capitale Gaines Taxes, and KittenThingies!!!! So let's keep them from touching any financial transactions with regards to their RSU/ESOP, since, well....


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