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Thots for SaraGwin

This is going to deal with misandry questions, and issues I get to blame SaraGwin for.

First off a really worth reading article Hook-up culture's" bad rap, since it is a part of the background discussion. I basically support Kate Harding's general thesis, that we really do not have any war with 'hook-up culture', since it is not the problem.

What I am going to take on is the phrase 'what men want' as a part of the kultur of misandry. The youtube that a friend shared with me is Misandry - Men Don't Exist which offers as good a general analysis of how the media has not been successful in dealing with males as human beings. Males as a HumanDoing, soldier, sailor, roadworker, is a useful talking point.

If one were to review Kate Harding as IF she were writing to 'one of the boys' from 'one of the boys', there would be a clearly obvious feminist response that her article was essentially abandoning half the sky. I am not going to make that critique - since she warned us that she would be working in the distorted world of 'damaging young women' and that SCARY SPACE of 'what men want'.

But I do think that if anything, the fact that she is writing this to non-males says a WHOLE LOT! A Screaming Shouting Silence lot about what is still fundamentally wrong! Why does she want to support my daughter, and abandon my son? Both are in service to country as a part of the Fleet! In a world where sailor is NOT a gendered term.

As I enjoyed the support from friends - that I do not bifurcate the world on the male/female - but that less kind 'family and food' world - where it is about who will secure the battle field, and, therefore be able to secure the resources from it.... I should be pleased that there are implied discussions in Kare Hardings charming and useful piece. But I still live with the reality that I am less concerned that my daughter has a fiance, than that, well, should she really marry a mere civilian.....

So when I raise my concerns about misandry, it is from the unpleasant 'power position' that unlike the pro-war-whiner boys, who like to wave patriotic military service as some sort of majikal talisman about, some of us have been there, done that, and still can find our boot camp towel to go to the hitch hiker's guide to the universe movie. I raise it from this 'power position' because, gosh, in some mythological land that so many psuedoCons preach, and against which so many alleged feminists protest, I am the evil male persecutor. Never mind the irony of my suffragete grand mother, going out to make sure that grand father was clear on her claim to him, never mind his intentions to play with Pershings war in europe. Or... Or... Or... so yes, you want to play card games, bring out your trump, let us get it on...

Then let us discuss what it is that we mean to be doing when playing those games.

Anyone who has been in the process of dealing with the problems of rule based systems is well aware of the reasons that one should both SUPPORT the rule that juggers should not sleep together, as well as why it is the right thing to do at the right time. ( yes, a reference to The Blood of Heroes ) If you Knew that was coming then of course, you supported the great line from In the line of fire about the problems of having to put all of that junk back on....

I drive into this head space, because, well, any reasonable analyst would be able to defend the argument that the reason that so many hetro's do those sorts of thing while BuckAssed is precisely so that they can resolve the family maxim "never sleep with anyone who carries more ammo than you."

Given some of the rhetorical posturing by both, the whiners I am watching trying to make the misandry argument work, as well as so many of the gaming feminists, there arguments work almost as well.

Ok, so maybe doing an asset profile of why they opted in for, say, a hammerless wheel gun as a back up piece may slow down the playboy channel hook up motif, but clearly that sort of discussion will make a much better relationship building moment than say merely hopping and bopping.

Or should I be that rude and say, 'yes, if you showed up without a double mag backup....' well, then you really did need to show a whole lot more penache...

Counting assets, and asset utilization is probably the hardest part of the information asymmetry that we have developed by our alleged 'being civilized'. But it is also the happy up side to the game. We get to make our own mistakes. We do not get the cultural support of arranged marriages, and with it, to cite from Outsourced the prospects for a "holiday in Goa." But that too is also something that we should be supporting!!!

Just as we are all so willing to live in a world where we do not have to live inside chem-warfare suits with M and F as designators. We REALLY do need to start understanding what it really means to speak in more gender neutral terms when we are talking about gender netural issues!

Why genderize simply because the stoopid are, well, clueless?

Similarly we will arrive at a great day in american cultural kampfing when we can deal with the reality that 'gay' has real meaning and substance - that there are real homosexuals, boys who prefer their weapons profiling with other boys, and not merely, that they served in the american armed forces unlike the really ButchBoys like Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the fine definers of what it means to be het enough. { and YES! sisters, not all 'fleet' lesbians are homosexuals, they may actually have some standards about their preferences in boyToys... Will someone secure that flank, the non-male perkins have multiple issues about stoopid boys... but that is not a sufficiency that males are intrinsically stoopid! Why any E-5 and above can find something we can do with them that will not lose them... }

Yes, I do get to play that card. Remember, I learned my trade before I joined the US Military - so of course I was not looking for gender validation in the american military. I already knew how to count magazines, and that a reasonable young man does not try to teach his girlfriend small arms tactics, that is why he has homeboys to do those add on sharing moments...

So i get to raise the misandry card, because I am thinking about the foolish boys who are being sold a bag of goods! They are being sold all sorts of sex and war noise without anyone sharing that there are very clear and compelling distinctions and weapons profiles - like 'this is my rifle, this is my gun, one is for fighting, and one is for fun' that become even more, well, challenging, when they learn that there are non-male persons working the sniper billet. So maybe they need to bring more to the game that merely waggging any one given organ around...

It is in this space that I want folks to start re-thinking their 'Purity Myth' games - again an h/t to SaraGwin for the queue to Purity Myth while they failed to wonder why they were being so sexist as to worry about why they were only concerned about one gender and not both.

What is wrong with helping boys PAST the cultural defects, of such great war heroes as Tom "they were giving all the good billets to Minorities" DeLay and his friends Rush, who can never remember which was his draft dodge, or ...

Why not raise up boys with the same piece of Realpolitik that my father offered me:
The Gun came with the job
which is the core reason that I wonder why it is that so few network guys ever ask me out to strap on a Cisco 7500 series and prove that we are real men... I mean, yeah, if we were going to play, say lan switches, then yeah handguns would be analogous, and we should rush down to some range and bit flip packets...

What if the gender mess that civilians have is, well, problematic, and complicated, and messy, and not at all as simple as they would prefer?

And on the fleet side... well, we have rules to cover most of the issues, and Petty Officers to interpolate where there is a clear and compelling reason for ambiguity....

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