drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Wacked and Stacked.

On top of the usual 'seven mountain' dominionist kult efforts to restore america to a history that did not exist, there is now the attack of the 'twelve vision party' - and what starts smelling like one more gnostic groupie game - about 'new think' - ah yes, you have to love 'neoFoo' as a Portmanteau game to play.

One of the tragic asides in all of this is the small fuggly:
For more than two decades, Andrew Joseph Stack III did battle against what he said was an unfair federal tax system.

One focus of his anger was a 1986 tax change that experts agree made it harder for software engineers and other high-tech professionals to work as independent contractors.
In the posting, Stack wrote that he and others "carefully studied the law (with the help of some of the 'best', high-paid experienced tax lawyers in the business) and then began to do exactly what the 'big boys' were doing," referring to tax exemptions taken by the Catholic Church.

[ cf Stack's fight against tax system focused on, not limited to, 1986 change ]
Which, for our historically challenged friends, means that Stack was attacking not ONLY the evils of the Obamanite Red Socialism, as is the trendy thot amongst psuedoCons - but he was attacking
Ronald Reagan
and thus we can reasonably establish that clearly he was some sort of Red Kommunist Paid Agent of HELL bent upon destructing our white christian americanism with his godlessNeff.

( yes s9, this is the clear and compelling proof that stack was a communist puppety toady of the hard lefty! )

But then again, we are living in the wonderland times Where the 'logic' of the psuedoCon position is that the IRS should have been allowed to waterboard this guy to see if he was a possible terrorist. At which point he should not have been tried in a mere civilian court, because those sorts of trials are what cause folks like Stack to take their radical left wing attack on america!

There is another approach we might want to take - and work on the problems of public education in a wider and civic duty prespective.

Many TeaBaggers got caught out in the racialist overtones of their calls to restore the jim crowe laws about poll taxes when they were trying to deal with the fact that there are folks who might be taken in by dangerous religious cults and the pay-per-view political scams, who might not be competent enough to be of use as actual electors.

But they might have had a point well worth making, and well worth unwrapping from their racialisms.

What if the ability to be a software developer is not in itself a sufficiency of proof that one has the intellectual acumen, emotional stability, and mere rationality to engage in the complex and difficult process of being an elector!

Remember folks, that as a republican, I feel that the sort of mindless populism we see in places like California, where we play ringBinderConstitutionalism with all sorts of silly ballot initiatives, is not a reassuring moment! But the tragic revelation that the psuedoCons in California fail to understand that we support a representational form of government, in which our represenatives at the state, local, and federal levels are not required to CAPITULATE, and ABANDON THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO GOVERN, and run off to play media circus's about 'ballot initiatives'.

But then again, I am the sort of republican who is not afraid to remind folks that, YES, Reagan ran the democrats for NIXON, as the Kommunist Toady Stooge, red left wing 'presidente' of SAG ( screen actors guild ) which we all remember was merely one more communist front organization. Or that it is not really 'poitically correct' is some psuedo-con circles to remember that the campaign against JFK was as much against his being a Papist as it was that as a democrat, that is a pseudonym for 'communist front organization'.

So gosh, when Stack Attacked Reagan, and reagan was a soviet front, then that would make Stack... But that would also make all of the radical left wingers backing Reagan, well, the SovietFrontFront, or
so that we can streamline thingies.

Now should we really be allowing SoFroFro the right to vote?


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