drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The warWinningWays of the Olympics.

Hum. How many folks believe that we should leave judging at the Olympics up to mere civilians and allow them to encourage terrorists to attack the world trade center again?

It can therefore ONLY be that the whole process IS about the Military Victory of our Glorious Military Victorious Forces over the evils of the mere civilian liberals at the Olympics.

Which does lead us to the minor technical problem. Since there are americans who are competing on non-american teams, isn't that like working in a military of like another country, and thus that one has not only given up one's citizenship, but that one should be shipped off to GitMo so that we are protected from them and the threat that mere civilian courts would deal with them as if they were merely still civilians in an american kinda way, rather than the sort of proto-iraqi flying saucer pilot type cyborgs!!!

Do AMERICANS want to be threatedned by Iraqi Flying Saucer Cyborgs? HUM????

Clearly not, therefore we either support TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY OVER THE OLYMPICS or the terrorists will kill the kitten!

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