drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Caribou-Barbie Retard-o-rama!

Why with just a little bit of steam, in just seven days, I can make you a man....

Oh, sorry, wrong musical queue...

We are just so looking forward to the full on MSM freakfestival as the radical left and radical right wing mediaPutz opt in on the Caribou-Barbie Retard-o-rama as she attacks herself for the recent debacle of her acting like a Radical Left Wing PC-ThogPolice Drama Queen getting all whiney because some evil liberal media cartoonist was picking on retards with children who have down sydrome! Why with a little luck we can end the fabtabulous week of Caribou-Barbie Retard-o-rama as she invites herself onto her Fox News Show to talk about why it is that single mothers of unmarried girls who got pregnant by gay boys were such welfare queens that they were living on government handouts as the governator of the Socialist Red Marxianist Republik of AlaskaStania, and is it true that Downs Syndrome is GOD's Judgement on Radical left wing femiNazi's who emasculate their husbands!

So ok, ok, ok, We Get it! Caribou-Barbie is the horror of bad kabuki theatre done badly! She does a lovely job of showing up the totally decadent moral relativism of the totally failed TeaBagger Kult of massed wing nuttery.

Can we now move along and start a rational discussion about what sorts of real world positions should the republican party be addressing, as they work on being an actual political party engaged in the actual process of selecting the best available people to run the government.

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