drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why does CarlyF hate American Veterans?

I can understand that so many in the GOP who voted to support the use of evidence derived from torture want to make sure that all of that just stays in the new Do Not Ask, Do Not Tell world where the majikal wonder of the war crimes games are allowed.

But carlyF is not yet an indictable war criminal? So what is her real motive here?

So that we are clear here folks. When the fine folks talk about wanting to bar enemies of the state from trials in civilian courts - they are OPENLY ADVOCATING detaching american military trials from american law, and the normal rights of appeal on matters of fact and law. When they get that detachment in place, let us be clear on what has happened.

ANYONE who is designated by the WarPrez, or his designate, as an enemy of the state will be shipped into the system, and beyond the reach of law. We watched that occur with Padilla. So let us not say any more that 'but it would not happen to an american' because it did.

It is a tragedy that Sen. Grahem, et al, supported the use of evidence derived from torture as admissible in ANY american court of law, but to say that it will be allowed in so called military courts, means that he is asking the officers who will serve to abandon their Legal, Ethical, And Honor Code Standards for strictly domestic political consumption.

So while we are talking about 'stolen valor laws' - how are you going to give back the honor code to american veterans after establishing that the nation supports the whole 'but I was only following orders' gambit. That we have adopted the policies of the very death camps we were suppose to be stopping.

Do they really want to sell americans the idea that the Military SHOULD lay beyond the real of american law? I can understand that terrorism is scary! But are we really wishing to destroy our own legal standards simply for domestic political policies? More importantly do we really want to tell the world that we REALLY want our American Military Forces to be beyond the legal pale?

Think about it kiddies. IF you take UCMJ beyond the pale - then we are talking not MERELY about the trials of some really irritable and whiney civilians who wanted to be 'military like' - we are talking about the Law our troops live with.

So Please. When you want to tell me that terrorists are not military forces, then please, leave them over there in your civilian hood! No REASON to be messing with my house, simply because you think that all american military personnel should be war criminals!

Terrorism is a Civilian Problem, and civilians are just going to have to figure out why it is that they keep breeding civilians who want to live outside the law of land warfare. And gosh, maybe CarlyF will lead that charge!

or NOT! because in the final analysis she IS about merely domestic political agenda, and let the US military be damned if it wins her an election.

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