drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Vallejo Knights

I love the symbol of Vallejo, working hard to become the new east palo alto, but with White People! As it races to the top of the free Market safe zone freed from the tyranny of Red Socialist Law Enforcement. Granted, there are plots to ship in state and county troopers to re-establish the red communist Obamanite tyranny of NationalSocialistMarxianista!!!

So when a friend of mine whined about the delay in pay raises, because managers were negotiating them, it struck me! Thud. Why not free that process too! We could start with 'drill here! Drill Now! Make the Pay Raises Rise!' Which worked so well to bring about the price reduction in gasoline costs.

Maybe not!

Hey kids, he said in that mickey rooney, judy garland, 'why don't we put on a play in the barn' freeMarketeering voice, Why not free the process from the evils of the civilian court system! If we have learned anything from Vallejo, then it is the whole horror of the moral hazards of the mere civilian court system! Why not turn to the True Military Court System, the Free Market Military Court System! Which of course is no longer bogged down in the mamby pamby of mere civilian law stuff, with evidence, and cross examination, and reasonable anything!

Where there we are! Total Military Victory by the Totally Freed Free Marketting of The True Military Court System where all contracts are a threat to freedome and a retreat to the dark days of mere civilan red socialist law courts! Be FREE! Be FREE! May the biggest Most Totallyiest Mission AccomplishedNeff Gloriously Victorious Victory bring the True Economic Trickle Down!

Why that is what True Americans should be doing, rather than letting the repressions of the Red Socialist Marxianist Obamanite HORROR undermine our success at the Most Totallyiest Mission AccomplishedNeff Gloriously Victorious Victory of the True Economic Trickle Down!

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