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The Obama Expectation Problem v. The Dubya Expectation Problem

It struck me as interesting the cultural divide that has crept in amongst those trying to deal with whether or not Obama has lived up to their expectations. So I thought I would put the discussion back into an actual flow of actual history and ponder in in light of the expectations of Dubya.

So that we are clear, yes, I did come of age in an actual Fascist Police State, so unlike the Roverianists and their friends, I know what it is really like to live in an actual Fascist Police State. So when I speak of them I speak of an actual entity in an actual flow of an actual history, and not merely that someone ratted someone else out to the school principle for smoking in the bathroom.

I will concede that my expectations for Dubya were LOW from the gitgo. After his smear of McCain, it was clear that we had so ended all of the rhetorical posturing about 'supporting the veterans community' and returning any sense of pride. Nope. That was not going to happen. Vets were still the folks who were gonna be taking it high and hard for the domestic political agenda. After various other machinations in the which story was Dubya committed to, well, gosh, maybe we should just skip on past ever having to worry about that whole 'post vietname syndrome thingie'. Then there were the allegations of economics related activities. Or the basic questions was whether or not he was planning to cause both a recession and a warLikeRelatedEvent so that he would be able to run up the national debt and try to crash the federal government, as the freaks were saying 'so that they could drown it in the bathtub'.

What I found amusing was the gamboling around about how we had to have this massive tax cut for the rich because of the potential threat that we were facing surpluses, and at the same time we were also suppose to be believing that there was this economic down turn... but of course, as we all know, that is not something that governments can or should get involved in. Do we really need to talk about The Price of Loyalty or should we just keep our ideology dry. Or should we be amused at the comedy of the 2007-2008 liquidity trap games? Or should we just say that there was no way that anyone in 2007 could have seen the horror of the clinton-gore recession and all of that evil? Or are we suppose to say that gosh, given that the same freak show that pretends a commitment to 'fiscal conservancy' has now opted IN on the idea that gosh, Dubya and all of his friends and allies, were, well, DEMON SHEEP!

Were those of us who were lambasted as RINO back in 2000 just lucky that by 2008 the cool stoners noticed that the fiscal policy was not going to work.

Should we talk about how amusing, as a nation, it was, that folks were not able to remember how many nations we were at war with on 09/10/2001, but of course, everyone knew we were at war with IranqIstania by 09/11/2001 - since, well, how could it be, that there were terrorist sponsored states, where the terrorists were funding the state, and running projects overseas. A comedy point in play as we think about the world of Blackwater, and the no-bid contracts, and the options to rebrand rather than deal with the unpleasant consequences that things were, well, rough in the killing industry, when, well gosh, one was dumping under the bus former associates simply to keep the profit margins profitable.

And no, it probably is not the time to talk about the Bollock of the 'department of homeland security' and how the folly of the nationalized fiasco of the so called intelligence community, that has become merely a funnel to private sector follies, is still not considered a public disgrace amongst the playPretenders to concerns about national security. Ah yes, all of them thar folks who had alleged their concern about 'big government' were the first on the bus for the Kommisarriate of State Security! Because for all of their 'god guts and guns' mysticism, they sure wanted the nanny-state to tuck them in at night and make them all warm cuddly wuddly.

No seriously, was anyone really at all surprised that given the choices of actually dealing with the realpolitik of the john walker lindh case, the dubya folks, before they opted out of dubya, were willing to issue death threats to those not willing to support the party line. Which is to remind some of our defeatist friends, that yes, back when the JWL issue was hot, those of us who were defending the UCMJ and the actual american commitment to the law of land warfare, cf FM 27-1 and FM 27-10 series, and for my generation, it is the bunch that were published under the Dictatorship of President-General Ike - you remember him, the one sent the 101st to support the Supreme's assault on freedome that was the brown v. board of education ruling. But feel free to read any of them that were published under democrat administrations.

I take you there, since if you have forgotten, while yes, it is true that Spann had been a member of the USMC, at the time of his death in Afghanistan, he was NOT, REPEAT NOT! a member of the Uniformed Military Services of the United States Of America, but a member of the Special Activities Division, and therefore, under the rules of the laws of land warfare, was an underLawfullyArmedPlayer. For my friends outside of the community, yes, it so SUCKS that we lived in a time when our national domestic political agenda took precedence over the needs of protecting the Classified Operations Community! Someone in the chain of command form the CIC failed to understand why a classified operations community serves out of patriotism! But I guess when one has adopted the PRIDE of the free market system, the idea of service to country no longer really makes sense.

So here we are, in a place where the expediencies of national domestic politcal desirements take precedence over any sense of MORAL PROPRIETY, or respect for the profession.

At which point it is not at all surprising that we would be getting reports not only out of Bagram, that information containers were DEAD do to improper handling. But that the Afghani government would start prosecuting free lancers who had opened up their own TORTURE CENTERS in kabul.

So where are we in year one of the dubya regime? in the middle of a desparate effort to blame the clintons for the economic collapse and slide, and the failure of the majikal free market to majikally do all of the cool stuff about job creation. But mandating a tax cut for no apparent good economic reason and that as a 'job stimulus' programme, that would be mandatory till 2010. We have wandered into afghanistan for no apparent clear and compelling reason. We have abandoned the actual american laws of land warfare in favor of domestic political agenda issues. And as we would learn over the years, embarked upon an open policy of supporting torture. In a way that smeared McCain in ways no one had thot was possible - by making it clear to the world that the Dubya Administration supported the Hanoi Regime's policy towards McCain, et al, because, well, it's only torture for torture sake, if it were, well, without a good domestic political agenda reason.

We might also delve into the sorts of things that were also a part of the majik tear down that the dubya regime embarked upon because they were also things that could be done without engaging congress. Such as all sorts of interesting regulatory fiascos - not the least of which was the whole folly about aids and abstenance, et al... but who needs to pile on, after one has stabbed the Military in the Back, and the Intelligence Community!

Was anyone REALLY surpised that there would ultimately be the plame crisis?

No Seriously! You who voted for Dubya, whip it out! Show us how that was so un-expected!

So yes. It would have been nice if majikally Obama were able to just majikally be able to restore a solid and sane parliamentary approach to the rule of law - but uh.... folks seem to forget that when one is supporting a parliamentary approach to law, that means that the executive is NOT allowed to be a mere dictator who supports the right of the dictator to detain anyone for any reason. Or do americans want to walk away form Padilla v. USA? Or the American Attorney General releasing the majikal tales from Moskva!

So here we are... a year into the EVIL OBAMA regime. Gosh... that EVIL TARP... which he imposed upon americans back in 2008, you know before he was sworn into office... was most likely the saving grace, but of coruse, that means that americans want to blame him for getting Dubya to do that part... ah yes, which way is it folks? There was no uncertainty that the meltdown in the financial sector was actually occuring back in 2008. There is STILL the pending catastrophy of the commerical market, even if we have been able to dig our way out of the backlog of consumer housing market issues. But yes, I think we can blame all of this on Clinton - because, well, gosh, it is not like... or are we suppose to say that really Dubya was crushed under the clinton jack boot...

The real politik remains that yes, The obama administration walked into the worst economic fiasco since the bank failures of the 30's! A problem that has been politely looked away from, through the whole of the greenspan reign! A problem that is catastrophic at more than a few levels! Not the least of which is not offering a large tax surplus - at more than a few levels! Which offers a few constraints in any administrations ability to act.

I wonder what the dubya administration would have done? Oh that's right. They waltzed in acting as if the markets were fabtabulous, and then mandated the tax cuts, first because of the excesses, and then trying to pimp it as a job stimulus package. But where as the Obama administration has to deal with the unpleasant reality that too late the hero the dubya administration allowed TARP, after watching a year of economic crapTastical numbers.

On the law front - it is annoying. But I will cut Obama the slack, that unlike Dubya, he is not trying to off load his policy of being more pro-torture than anyone, by blaming everyone else, at least he is starting from life in the sewer and trying to dig out of that crap fest. YES, i would have loved to see GitMo closed down, and returned to it's original purpose, being a symbol of american imperialism in Cuba. Rather than the symbol of a lawless zone that allows the president to personally detain anyone that the presidente decides is such as must be placed beyond the reach of law.

For our draft dodger friends, THINK if you will what that says to your veterans community, that they can actually believe that an american military base is a land beyond the rule of law. Thank you, thank you very much for that urine shower. Please remember your take on that position when you are play acting like you care about the american military community or the rule of law.

Now that the PsuedoCon Noise Machine is trying to start their SHOCKE! SHOCKE! that the presidente would allow his Sekret Death Squads to run down some guy in the streets of america - one has to wonder which side those stoners were on? Remember these were once the freaks who whole heartedly supported the Rule Of War that el presidente was allowed to kill any american that he designated as an enemy combatante! because, well, it's a time of ruling by great leader!!!

Ah yes... could we wonder again about the total fiasco of the senate - and that we have all of these psuedo-cons trying to say out of both sides of their mouth, that they both want to support the president to support the troops, while they are so gumming up the work of the senate, because, uh, they are so desparetely in need of stopping the president - their war lord! and while our troops are in the field defeating the unbelievers...

I wish I could BELIEVE in the hey days when the voting for Great Leader was all that it took - because of course, congress is merely the rubber stamp of the Great Leader. But i did not support that under dubya - and was OFFENDED by the madness of Tom "tax cuts are the most important thing in a time of war" DeLay and his friend over in the Senate, who was willing to make medical diagnosis without actually being engaged in the actual medicine - because his ideology took precedence over the obligations of any alleged Hippocratic Oath.

So yeah, it SUCKS to live in an actual free republic, where we do NOT support Military Dicatorships, but must live within the constraints of actual parliamentary rules!

Who knows, when comparing the year, it is not that bad! It is not like the obama administration has made any new precedences! As a nation we have always supported torture, we have always supported illegal detention, we have always believed that the presidente is allowed to kill anyone he belives needs to be killed. It would have been nice to turn all of that around in one year.

But what if the idea of having a constitutional congress were a gooder Idea! What if the restoration of the rule of law were also a prereq.

Maybe in that light the worst that folks could say is that Obama had not been able to expand america's hatred of the rule of law like the Dubya administration. Or maybe ever the worser assertion, that the president had made the worst of all possible presumptions, namely that the senate would constrain itself to actually do it's patriotic duty without his need to start wars abroad, or start rounding up unbelievers as a way to scare them into his policies....

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