drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Defeat Trekkie Revisionism! Restore Traditional Lost In Space!

I think that we all took away from this weeks apostate sacrilege against the holiest of holies, is that TeaBaggers at least want to resport festive dress up cons!

What we need to do is restore God's One True And Only, as revealed in the gospel of the nielsen ratings, that Lost In Space is the one true and ONLY all american family valued TV of moral purity! And that only by true faith and belief in Lost in Space can we defeat the horrors of the Apostate Obamanites and their Red SocialistNationalSocialistMarxianist Excesses of governmental regulation!

Think how exciting that sort of TeaBagger Con would be! Having folks dress up as Doctor Smith advocating policies that would save the day, "Never Fear, Dr. Smith is here!" restoring our faith that modern medicine don't need no stinking Communist Front Organization Socialized Medicine like in Communist Dominated Star Trek!

Then we could show the importance of families being able dress in a fashionably fashionable fashions! Like all silver.

Yes, the wave of the future has landed, and it is a TeaBagger Lost In Space!

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