drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if there is another problem?

It is an amusing read in Tea Party Convention Drama Fueled by Emerging GOP Alliance: Grassroots Groups Angered by High Fees for Palin Speech since it will take folks into the 'for profit' approach to political partyHood. Now do not get me wrong here. If one truly believes in the majikal mystical powers of the Invisible Imaginary Foote of the Free Market, then selling the access to the political party is such an elegant proof of concept in ways that few other things can be!

Given that the so called 'scam' comes from the folks creating the whole 'tea bagger excess' game is probably not something that one should be blaming the GOP for having caused. Unless of course one has so totally merged the TeaBaggers and the GOP in RINO RAVE ways that were the core purpose of selling america that TeaBagger way.

So what if we could have a chance to ask how much 'financializing' and 'commoditizing' of 'democracy' will still be gooder for the Repulbic? And when is it a good idea to accept that there are fiscally sound reasons to create a government and delegate to it tasks that are not viable by other means. Could it be that the whole HORROR of the evil liberal 'opposition to poll taxes' has, well, comically raised it's ugly head on the so called right wing here? Could it be that the folks who were once the foot soldiers of the myths of FreeMarketarianism are wondering if they are being leveraged out of their own religious cult, because they can not raise the 'poll tax' needed to even attend their own convention. But what if they had to wake up and find out that they were no longer in a place where they could expect law enforcement, or fire protection, or even 'their day in court' unless they could come up with the requisite 'poll tax' that showed that they should be protected by some sort of Governmental intervention into the private sector.

Now do not get me wrong folks. I am not opposed to the Reductio Ad Absurdum, simply because it is an absurdity. I am personally offended at their Reductio because they are not willing to sell it at market prices!

The alternative strategy might be to evaluate what a 'free republic' would mean in the total myth space of MarketMadness? And is that a policy model that one really want to have at the root of one's myths about how the cosmos works?

I am not sure that I have a way out for the TeaBaggers, since, well, clearly, if this were their 'time of war', then, uh, by their own admittance and allegations to standards, they have other issues on their plate, like how to prevent themselves from shooting themselves for being the sorta folks who are not willing to support the president to support the troops!

Gosh, how are we gonna get them to put down their bongs long enough to find a way back home where they can stop hating themselves that much, that they can, well, work on at least prioritizing their issues, and then sorting out which are really worth working on in the real world.

Hum..... What if there have been a wide variety of problems in the psuedoCon movements that keep revolving around a simple abandonment of reasoning. Since if they were willing to watch where their ideas were going, they might not be surprised that their ideas got there.... Or were we suppose to simply demand that the Kommisariate of ThotProtection was suppose to protect them from the growing threat of their own ideas!

{ not that I want to oppose teaBaggers demanding ever increasing protection from the state security apparatus to keep them feeling less fearful of 'those ideas'. }

The fun of course will be watching the 'liberals' opt out of reasoning, but in a proud and boastful way, about how they are not the Other form of ClintonistaIsm that Dubya had been. But that way is already being road mapped by folks who are noting that soft imperialism v. hard imprealism are merely debates about how to abandon a republic for an empire. }

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