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James Bopp Jr., a lawyer for Protect Marriage Washington, said in a statement that the Ninth Circuit’s decision infringed “the rights of citizens who support a traditional definition of marriage to speak freely and without fear.”

“No citizen,” Mr. Bopp added, “should ever worry that they will be threatened or injured because they have exercised their right to engage in the political process.”

[ cf http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/16/us/politics/16scotus.html ]
But what if we lived in an america with say: A Hate Crime Cartoon in Notre Dame's Student Paper and a long cultural history of hate ideology actually being manifested as violence against actual live born persons.

I think this is a part of what makes Bopp's fear so palatable. They know what their kind have been doing for decades in america and for centuries around the world. There is the sense that they may no longer be a part of the Korrekt Junker Ruling Klass, and gosh... if they, them, those types, were to actually unmask them as crazy christianists, then, under the marvels of the John Yoo Torture Memo Model of PostLegalism, why the Obamanites would round them all up!

Have they ever paused to consider that maybe, just maybe, now that the Kommisariate of State Security is in the hands of the KlintonistaObamanites, that they have already begun rounding up the lists of names and addresses... you know, this is america, and we all support the right of the state to torture anyone we want. Which means a lot of folks will be giving up anyone and everyone to stay out of room 101, so they too will religiously beleive that 2 + 2 = 5 because that is what big brother really believes!

There is just something absolutely majikal about the form of thinking that is all about 'standing up for what is right' - but that mandates that those standing up, are not revealed in public, as having stood up for a belief system they were not willing to be seen in public supporting. Makes one wonder about that whole courage of their conviction story. What happened to the whole martryr'd for their faith motif? You know, the reason we are suppose to buy into the rapture, is so that we will be out of area when the Anti-Christ, or which ever manifestation of KontonistaObamanism is it's incarnation, begins the massive persecution of christians. Just like the Obamanites did to the first century christians in the Collosieum, when obamanites openly threw christians to the lions.

So I can breath that fear, mandating that those mandating that they stand up for their beliefs, well, both have a belief, and stand up for it. It is like saying that the persecution has come, and oopsie, some folks did not get their helicopter ride out in the rapture, and that has got to be tooo scary way down deep in the short hair roots.

To be brutally honest, I expect the psuedoCon block on the supreme court to continue the policy of play acting near their mystico-religious gnostic knowledge of what the founding father's originally really would have meant, if the world had been as the divine revelation would have revealed. So in this case, The court will mandate that the petitioners MUST be protected from the threat of liberals. I expect that we will see some sort of Scalia gunNuttery style ruling that establishes that ONLY the state has the right to pry into who is engaging in anti-state activities. You know, the sort of line that mandates that handguns are a protected species, but that the moral equivolent of the standard british military grade musket, well, those only belong in the hand of the state.

This will of course buttress the recent games, such as backing the full intent of the Yoo Memo's, in which the state will be allowed to torture anyone whom they believe will need to confess about whom ever was engaged in collecting signatures for a public petition of the government, since under the Bill of Rights the defense of the right to petition is protected, and that protection mandates the full use of all of the special military, para military, and full tilt KabukiTheatre Defenses. Otherwise the TERRORIST will try to use the bill of right to persecute white christian america.

So for those of you playing along at home, The Treasure offers us the wonder of System Failure and of course the most memorable of all fun filled lines:
Pick up your muskets, kids, or STFU.
But let us be honest, how many of those who are afraid to have their names revealed in the streets as standing up for their beliefs, will be able to break from cover to actually look at what they are shooting at. Especially if they learn that their civil war, and or failed military coup, is not going to be catered as one more of those for profit teabagger express fiascos.

So while I can feel their fear, I am not sure it is worth holding onto.

In a similar light, perchance it will be a great time for many in the liberal camp to work out how much of the mysticism of the law they too wish to retain! Much of what moved the civil rights movement forward was playing on the liberal guilt of folks who once believed in the certain and inalienable rights that are in the person in themselves, and are not the gift given by the state. That long steady march of legal wonders, that would begin ideologically for so many with Brown v. Board of Education, and peek with Roe v. Wade, are also tied into what is probably the more tragic horror - a pure mysticism about the nature of 'constitutional law'. The worst of all possible tragedies here in america is that the liberals do not do Mysticism well at all. This is a game that is best left to the vast right wing religious wingNuttery.

What makes it funny is that the fruitLoops of PsuedoConLand really should be complemented for raising the threat of returning to things like 'what the founding fathers meant' - which is really not a bad place to start over again. Did they really want to create the theocracy of current popular myth? Or were they children of the enlightenment, and were hoping to find the compromise and balance that comes not from the sword, but from rational discourse.

Perchance it is time for liberals to pull their Constitution down from the Cross, where they have nailed it, and left it as some sort of mystical icon, and start working on what it means to make a viable republic viable again! Where one does not hide behind the skirts of the Supreme's, but is willing to lay one's John Hancock out there in large enough letters so that THEY will not need to put on their special glasses, and get out the field fones and trunchions, to torture enough folks, so that they can see who is standing on which side. Why, one would have to wonder what sort of a republic one could make in that land.

Would it be one worth keeping?

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