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Two Fun Filled Posts

Update on Our Brave New Slavery: Yes, It Applies to American Citizens, Too - where we learn that gosh, maybe John Yoo had a majik bullet after all. Since golly,
anyone who is arbitrarily declared a "suspected enemy combatant" by the president or his designated minions is no longer a "person." They will simply cease to exist as a legal entity. They will have no inherent rights, no human rights, no legal standing whatsoever
( op cit )
Which sorta makes it mostly safer, since, well the court ruling DOES include folks who were american citizens before becoming unpersons.

As long as one is NOT designated as an enemy of the state, one can still have all of the constitutional rights that neoCons actually think were granted to them by the founding fathers. The problem of course, is that is conditional on one remaining a human being, who can have legal rights. And gosh, John Yoo's core model was that there is no such idea as 'inherent and inalienable rights' there are only those things which great leader has allowed you out of the wonder of his divine grace.

In related fun we have Guest Post: The Military-Industrial Complex is Ruining the Economy Hum... wow. That not really outsourcing to gain the majik of the privatized economy has not been good at solving the majikal problems of making war a profit center. Hum.... Makes me wonder which side those folks are on, since, well, gosh wasn't rational expectations of the market suppose to provide the divine manifestation that war was gooder! And that the more we sorta privatized it the more it would be the profit center in itself.

Now don't get me wrong here folks, but those of us from the old Red Communist Ike Wing of the GOP, yes, you remember him, the godless liberal heathen who sent in the bayonet weilding bible burning god hating american slaughtering 101st to BUTCHER white christian americans in Arkansas to back the radical left wing Supreme Court, you know them, the one what said that darkies had the same rights as real live white christian males! You know the Radical Extremists Left Wing of the republican party, the party that gets mistakenly confused as the party of the lincoln who opposed slavery and wanted to retain the Union. Well, some of us have been more than a tad bit concerned that the hijacking of the military industrial complex by the same 'fresh water wingnuts' that brought the other recent economic melt downs, and have been championing the sort social conservativism about how the John Yoo krew is right that the president, when he is a white christian male, has all of god's rights to enslave anyone as they are not really people once officially designated as property of the state!

Hum.... Now there is a war winning strategy. We start cutting costs by allowing the US military to go right ahead and designate as property of the state anyone that they want to have as a weapon. This way they could get the kids they want, when they are young enough, so that they are trained right to be the war winning Heroes we all want to see!

Why gosh, teh future is so bright, one has to wear shades!!! We can now have all of the US Government Property we will ever need as a base to secure all of the resources we will ever need, to keep our white christian america, white, christian and American...

Uh, what if this were a good time to get folks back involved in the rational world? Some place where the obvious absurdities were sorta resolved? What if there is going to be a need to overturn the new dred scott case? What if along the way we are going to need to get past the fiscal fiasco of the Military Industrial Infotainment Complex?

What if it were time for a real republican party that was not about the shock jock folly of GlennBeck v. Sarah palin on Fox News Wank Up!

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