drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Don't you just love John Yoo, and the Fun of it all?

if you have the stomach, then you really do want to watch A Torturous Interview: John Yoo Does The Daily Show (VIDEO) since it is a lot of fun being able to have clear and compelling distinctions between a mere moral relativism and full fledge delusional split from reality.

I mean, gosh, who could have known that after the embassy bombing and the attack on the USS Cole, that a second attack on the world trade center was at all possible? Since, well, majikally the second attack on the world trade center has to be more majikal than merely dead american sailors and those draft dodgers from the foreign service. But what makes it so majikal? That of course would be the most majikal of all majikal secrets, since it must be some majikal secret that separates teh 'atWarNeff' of a nation from the time when there was a clinton being impeached by draft dodgers who were unwilling to support the president to support the troops, and, well, the new phase of draft dodgers who are even more unwilling to concede that the guy in teh white house is even the president.

But through it all, john yoo stays teh course, because, when it comes to the majikal powers, well, those majikal powers are majikal. Because, for some reason, never really resolve, Dubya must have worn the correct majikal underroo's that were the true keeper of the majikal powers to torture anyone anywhere, because the nation needed to know that the president was willing to do that. That some how this was something that only Dubya could do.

So folks, why don't we cut to the chase? Why don't the folks who get hysterical about how picked on they are, just embrace their love for torture and death camps. Why can't they embrace their romantic love of keeping those illegal workers out of the country! I mean we all understand, and john yoo so lovingly underscores it, that clearly john mccain was never tortured in the hanoi hilton during the vietnam era! How ever could McCain have been tortured! The state had a right to do what every they had to in those days! Why there were all of those Illegal immigrants like John McCain coming over the border without a proper visa and no work papers! So of course well, those things happen! How were the vietnamese suppose to deal with those illegal immigrants like John McCain.

And oh yes, today the evil liberal media was getting all gushy face at the death of the woman who found Anne Frank's Diary. But of course those same evil liberal media types were so stabbing the troops in the back by failing to point out that the irradication of those types of people was perfectly acceptable in John Yoo land, because of course, when the Supreme Executive wields the majikal powers, well of course the Supreme Executive is allowed to intern, and turn into soap anyone the Supreme Executive designates.

Granted, as I had said earlier, John Yoo might merely be suffering delusional side effects. So we should probably pray that god will grant him a competent medical health programme that will offer him the level of psychiatric treatment required to help him on his road to recovery.

What makes me wonder is what about all of the JohnYooFanBoys.

The alternative reading is that the law of land warfare remains rather dull, boring, and legally pedantic on these points. A problem that keeps coming to light when American Military Courts convict american personnel of violating the law of land warfare. But someone this is not stuff that bothers John Yoo and the John Yoo fan club. Since, well, this total disconnect between the low level ones getting convicted, and the policy makers, is well critical.

Except when there is an uppity one in the white house. Then it is important to protect us from the power mad crazy in the white house, because, gosh, by the John Yoo doctrines, the uppity one could just round up all of the white christian americans and intern them in death camps.... because, well, the uppity one is a bad one... and he will do bad.

Update: Yikes I was planning to do that whole "john woo moment" thing, but never wrote it in, so the use of 'john woo' in this thing was JUST WRONG.

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