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Got Upstanding Barbarians?

I should be polite and blame s9 for the phrase 'Upstanding Barbarians'. He of course was being ever so civil and offering flanking fire on the 'open carry cultists' who are embarking upon 'uncivil disobedience' - since they so clearly have zoned out one why we opted out of the east Beirut way of implementing that whole wild wild west motif. They like the warm fuzzy of fondling a misplaced history that would have been sooooo much cooler if it had been implemented - all while opting out of a couple of hundred years of human history.

Worst of all they seem to have been WAY TOO STONED during the Piece of the Action episode of star trek. ( note: season 2, episode 17 ) [ marry that to Wouldn't it be great if everyone had a gun ] When they might have learned about the problems of not being born anime characters in a mash up.

But what if they are merely the thin edge of the wedge? What if the real tragedy is that the gun brandishers are merely the button boys of the deeper collapse? What if the core problem is that the so called 'fresh water economists' have been dangerously willing to destroy the educational process and undermine the rational system, with their firm commitment to ideology first. One of the ugly commentaries in this space is The Cossacks, well, they work for the Czar, which I so love, because it offers us the brilliant moment:
Producing more or less mendacious intellectual smokescreens for policies which favour the interests of very rich men is not an incidental side effect of Chicago School libertarianism. It isn’t some sort of industrial pollution – it’s the product. If and when the Milton Friedman Institute is endowed and operating, it will be people like John Cochrane who staff it, and it will be arguments like this that, when push comes to shove, it produces. The Cossacks work for the Czar. They have always worked for the Czar.
Where we learn the most grotesque of all barbarisms, that reasoning no longer matters, all that matters is blind support of the BigMan.

Wrap that up in the martyrdom of defending the constitution, not an actual constitution, but a religious holy icon, say in the form of The Constitution, Part 1 "Preamble" and what have we? The retreat from the hope that we might arrive at a civilized world. Yes, being upstanding is not enough. Especially if all one is upstanding for is a mere barbarism. A retreat from reason! a retreat from civilization! A retreat to a time when wandering around as armed bands supporting their holy overlords was all the conceptual rage.

It is in that unpleasantry that we arrive as 'uncivil disobedience' - the anachronistic farsical pretense of the GunBrandishers and they theatrical folly of 'open carry'. They like the pretentions of engaging in some form of 'disobedience' - since clearly the mere civilian in their eyes, see no reason to wander around pretending we needed to be an armed nation like Beirut or Darfur. Yet they are hoping that the police will be the nice polite civilized police officers who will politely talk to them as if they were merely misplaced children dressed up in their cowboy and indian costumes and apparently lost on the street without adult supervision. Since they clearly are not expecting to live in their happier land, that piece of the action, where folks would actually shoot first and ask questions later. Simply because they were wearing the wrong coloured t-shirt, bandana, cultural artifact. Ah yes, these 'uncivil disobediences' where it is all show, and tragically no substance.

Where they can, like their freshwater economist cultist, pretend that no one can out think the market, yet we are suppose to buy that the frailty of the market is such that one speach by dubya majikally caused the economic down turn.

A construct that if it happened, well, meant that the free market was not a good arbiter, had no rational context, and, well, just was not their mythic holy divination of all thing hip and cool. Ah yes, what if the truly 'uncivil disobedience' is not the street theatre of the gun brandishers. But the failed theatrics of those who would prefer to think of themselves as the superior, the far superior, because as the holy priesthood of the grand gnostic policies of the true manifestation of the divine revelations of the Milton of Friedmanisms, they have always been far too superior to the mere street charletans. Because as Fresh Water Economists, they understand the true value of 'shock doctrines', and the greater good of why we need more rape rooms, and torture games, and the holy incantations of war and terrorism, or the boogey-boogey-boo will come from beyond the waters, and bring those who are not merely gun brandishers, but actual folks who really put live ammunition in their firearms. Scary folks who are not carriers of the TSA approved White People Cards.

So what if the fuggly Upstanding Barbarians are the ones who think themselves above the fray of the mere pedestrian gun brandishers of open carry. Why gosh, golly, gee whiz, just like they were always so above the mere plebian masses who should serve in the armed forces, because the cool kids can not afford to take such low paying jobs....

Ah yes, what if the farce on the street is but a pale horseman compared to the equestrians of the Apocalypse still trying to bubble, bubble, boil and trouble from their caldron on the shores of lake woebegone....

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