drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Under the Hammer and The Evils of Math

Today my favorite EVIL LIBERAL woke me up to the fact that the Evil Liberals are all getting into this kult thing about 'open carry'. Since they seem to have this romantic belief that their semantic whining about essoteric 18th century alleged syntatical issues will compensate them for, well, let us be honest, their, uh, lack of life with one under the hammer.

You See folks, the core argument here is that the open carry of an unloaded firearm is legal. And that one can walk around with ammo and an unloaded weapon, and that one is going to be betting the buckage that one will be able to get that clip - because, let's be honest how many of these children are really opting to be carrying a wheel gun and want to sell us that they can do the wheel gun reloader dance while avoiding that opening round of gun fire from muslim terrorists carrying AK-47's that they have been aiming at the white boys with the open carry weapons.

Try to remember folks that we are talking about the very jihaudists who were supporting Rambo in his war against the Evil God Hating America Bashing Soviet Occupiers of Peace Loving Afghanistan, where it would take the combined arms work of the Spetsnaz and soviet air assault units to slowly get the upper hand when the godless liberals stabbed the fighting soviet forces in the back by opting out of the Cold War simply because a bunch of dope fiend rave dancing drunkards opted against the Berlin Orders, as we all know, on the super sekret orders of the CIA, as Komsomol was always telling their readers would happen as a part of the KulturKampf of decadent bourgeoisie stab the troops in the back assault of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

( should I be concerned that livejournal and this mac know the correct spelling of spetsnaz? )

Now don't get me wrong. I can understand that Obamanites, as known Communist Fellow Travellors, were not on the side of the Red Army, and the Spetsnaz, and so were, uh, supporting the wall tearing down, uh, left winger, draft dodgers, who uh, were on the wrong side, because they were supporting the Reaganite Failed Policy of asking the soviets to tear down the wall, as a liberal sign of stabbing the troops in the back who were up in afghanistan bring christianity to the savages.

Or was that suppose to have been the other way around.

You know, about how the obamanites were the other folks who were not the sort of uppity niggahs who were backing, Intro to the pathers because they understood that while, yes, the constitution was construed by some as being about all of them folks, it was more about how White Rights were more White, than, well, NotWhite Rights, and therefore, it was so Uppity of them types to show up at the NRA sponsored WhitePeople's Right to openly carry guns, cause, well, them other liberals were all bad people, up until they put them, well, you know, them types, and them folks was well, openly carrying, and with actual ammunition, and they could have been more dangerous, because, well, they ruined a lot of white folks trousers that day, with, well, their uppity ways of acting like they was, well, you know, like regulah folks what gots a right to walk around with an open carry law, just like they white folks.

And yes, we could get ourselves all bogged down in the technical problems about life in the real world, where there is one under the hammer, and how the limitations of statistical probabiliy indicate that as a major change in the nature of social discourse, because there is none of that nice white, and polite, manifestation of actually chambering a round required. Since, well, gosh, nice white folks would be ever so kind, and ever so polite, as to carry around unloaded guns, because, it is not really like they need that sub second unit of time to address the targetting algorithms, since they know that Jesus is gonna give them the seconds to actually go through the process of loading their weapon with a detachable box magazine, and then the secondary step of cocking that weapon, because of course in the nice white neighborhoods, this is all done as a montague, in a really arts manner, and with appropriate music, to indicate that this is a fully symbolic moment denoting the full range of human emotions.

Yeah Right.

As if this were 'team america' and the crew were all puppets!

What if the amygdala cut out were an evolved way to pre-empt the neo-cortical analysis of the threat scenario, as a part of what got the species off the savana? What if there were real world reasons that having a publically trained and managed 'law enforcement' process of allowing 'rex lex' to be the law of the land? You know, like as if the whole 'armed clique' thing had been tried and found to be grotesquely wanting?

What if there were better ways of living a civilized life than walking around with unloaded guns because one was so technically incompetent as to fail to understand the core problems in actual modern counter-insurgency warfare, because one opted to space out on the actual human history, because one so desperately wanted to Acessorize!!!

What if there were things like a real education which should be the first choice before deciding to publically display one's ignorance by prancing around with unloaded guns, simply because one sorta can get away with it. What if the real problem is that there are real issues with pretending that are never quite as real as living with a round under the hammer, and knowing the math of survival.

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