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kvetching on issues of Religion

Dear katie asked me to listen to Quarks and Creation which is about John Polkinghorne and his discussions.

I shall presume that she is unaware of the Holy War inside of the anglican communion at this time. A point made all the more comical in america, where the first episcopalians were ordained by presbyterians, so that they would not owe a fealty to the head of the Church of England, which was the Crown of England, and the Defender of The Faith. A bit of a sticky wicket for those americans who opted in to support the republican revolution in the colonies, and who would ultimately opt in on a Constitutional, as opposed to the article of confederacy, form of government. A point that gets way comically messy as many of the psuedoCons in america opt in to follow Anglican bishops who owe their national alligiance to either latin american bishops or nigerian bishops, as a part of their effort to form some more allegedly conservative anglican posture. While at the same time trying desparately hard not to notice the technical complications that this offers them with their own alledged psuedoConservative positions about being an American. So we will offer her the ground that she may not be aware that these too are parts of the position in play as NPR, a known communist front organization, as all true believers in amercia - so one needs to address the actual political context in which this brutal assault on america is perpetrated by the sorts of stab out troops in the back defeatist kapitualationist liberals.

Given that this RedHorder opts to oppose all of the 'true gospel' positions of the 'biblical literalists' there is really little work that i need to do to point out that his positions on creation story merely shows that he is an UnAmericanGodHater who opposes the true believers in america, and like all evil liberals is pushing christians onto the death trains where they are being rounded up in the death centers.

So one of the first parts of the Holy Crusade problems we need to address is whether or not the religious community is still willing to support the the peace of westphalia? and with it the rest of the questions of how much are they willing to follow their rhetorical posturing about pro-warness. Since gosh, if there are such radical left wing stab our troops in the back defeatist kapitulationist appeasers like this one who is being allowed on Stab Our Troops In The Back Radio, we clearly need to know where all of that blood shed will finish itself.

Then any possible opposition from the so called 'science' side of the debate may have a chance to talk about the comical nature of the discussion. Amusing since at one level there is this allegation that the 'god of the gap' is no longer hip, while at the same time trying to make god wedge into teh gap of the quark level of analysis, since that level of computational completeness is still beyond the range of the few semi-educated americans who have survived the horrors of either home bastioned faith based education, or the evils of the liberal education system that is unwilling to concede a priori that the biblical interpretation, as espoused by the correct political leaders, is the one true and only ideology.

So back to my opening comment on face book
Why do I need the God Hypothesis to begin with?
And to that, given the holy war in flight, how should i do the analysis of which of the true believers is the true defenders of the one true and only faith? Should I count them by the body count? By their support of War Crimes, because they hold that the Old Testament BIBLICAL LITERALISM of taking the land should take precedence, and that we should be slaying and slewing and slaughtering, in a biblically literal way, a la HanoiAnnie Coulter? Or should I be supporting the true biblical literalists who followed the holy path of the Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh and left the fighting to the gayz and girlz whom the government gave all the cool billets.

So clearly there is way too much going on over there for me to arbitrate with little but rationality and reason, and a bit of post-surrealism.

Clearly when the survivors of that crisis can come up with what will being their new canon. Then there might be room for discourse and discussion. But in short, the canon has offered the expected problems, and without any of the interesting resolutions. Could it be that he did not fall madly and passionately in love and become aware of the limitations of both poetry and mathematics to offer means and methods for resolving that madness, and so opted in for the safer space of godTalking.

But other than the obvious problem, i would not give the dear canon good odds if the American Christianist Taliban took over, since his radical left wing socialist red terrorism of god hating would clearly be burned at the stake for not being patriotically christianist enough.

Does this advance the discussion? Probably not. Since for some reason so many of the pro-war wheenies in america are not willing to formalize their positions, and so, well, gosh, there really is not a lot of discussion that can be made about so called 'science and religion' when, well, the folks that the god hating america bashers put on the radio are such clearly unamerican types who are not supporting the true American Christianist Taliban, and in these holy crusade times, who could have a better defintion of the true TrutheirNeff, than our own American Christianist Taliban.

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