drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Christ Mass Day Horrors.

First off we get the notification from AP sources: Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack and now Passengers Took Plane’s Survival Into Own Hands .

Well there you go boys and non-perkin! Clear and compelling proof that those who have not been willing to put the MASS back into Christ Mass have all been evil! And of course as we again learn, excessive brutal governmental intervention into the war and killing industries have not at all worked, and that only the use of private sector persons actually engaged in private sector responses have been able to take up the slack since the evil liberal media stopped reporting about tehWarPrez and started talking about this Obama guy, whom everyone knows is a NorKoKenyanSomaliPirateGreySpaceAlien, and not the True tehWarPrez!!!!

So how much longer will americans have to live with welfare queens like Xe, the band formerly known as Blackwater, being crushed under the jack booted iron fisted excessive governmental regulation of a National Socialist Marxianist WarFareIsms!!!! Now more than ever we must privatize all of the death squading and let the market decide!!!! Let people buy their own private war insurance!!!! No More of this Government Mandate Nationalized War Insurance!!! Let people let the market make all of the choices that only the imaginary invisible foot of the market can decide!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to free the imaginary invisible forces?

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