drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should The President Abdicate To Younger Brother?

Could there be a third President Bush? The current chief said Wednesday that younger brother Jeb would make a great one, too, and has asked him about making a run. The first President Bush likes the idea as well.

Jeb Bush, the Republican governor of Florida, has one asset that his presidential brother doesn't right now _ approval from most of his constituents. While George W. Bush's approval ratings are in the low 30s, some 55 percent of Florida voters surveyed last month by Quinnipiac University said Jeb was doing a good job.

[ cf A 3rd President Bush? First 2 All for It ]
One has to ask whether this is really a Good Idea in a "time of war", or would it send the Wrong Sort Of Message to The Enemy.

Clearly, IF the President does decide to Abdicate and officially abandon the troops fighting on the bulwarks of Freedom, all TRUE americans support the Divine Right of His younger Brother inherited the Title and Lands.

All Heil The Great Leader! The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!!

The Divinely Decided Decider!

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