drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Islamasists Impose Sharia Law in Virginia As Persecution of White Christian Southern Males Continues

You know in your heart of hearts, that ruling against a WWII era veteran, who is alleged to have won the Medal of Honor, in a mere civilian court, can only mean that it had to have been some sort of Islamist Sharia Court, since clearly this sort of matter should have been adjudicated by only the Highest Realms of the Super Secret Military Courts.

The fun is the allegation that the court ruled in favor of the home owner association that the flag pole did not comport with the local decorum... They did not actually come out and openly say that they too were aligning with the IslamicJihaudCouncilOfTheWhiteHouseUppityOne that as a part of the total persecution of white christian Southern Males, that this was anything more than the typical capitale gaines taxes imposed upon true believers by the Hated Evil Ones who are all emasculating real men.

The unstated part of the story is why all of the great proWarCrowd remains hiding in their bunkers hoping that no one will actually call them, and give them live ammunition and ask them to follow their rhetorical postures and liberate america from the Horrors of the Islamic Extremists!

Update: anyone following the fine print that he would be allowed to run up his american flag from a flag pole attached to the house, but that is not the point that is under argument. Makes one wonder what are the real issues here? Is is really about the flag? the pole? or the horror that the IslamicGayCyptoZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakii is emasculating to many innocent white christian southern males who feel so PERSECUTED... There is also the question of why none of the TeaBaggers were willing to intervene in the matter before it was Pushed under the Flying Saucer of the mere civilian court system?

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