drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Free Killing From the Nationalist Repression Of Excess Governmental Regulation

please, let us not get confused about 'the intelligence' whatEver, one of the comedies in america is they like to fling that term around when what they want to say is state sponsored death squads.

Clearly the defenders of privatization and deregulation should be supporting the use of free market practices, and hence that we should end the HORROR of tax payer funded killers, when the free market will clearly know how better to get people killed for the best available prices!

Thus it is time to end the nationalization of people killing and let the market decide!!! Who knows what new and innovative state of the art means for killing people the market will be able to deliver when once it is freed from the HORROR of socialist Nationalied Killing!!!

And on top of it all, no longer would god fearing tax payers have to pay for prisons, courts, and police, as the free market will be better able to deliver what must be done when Killing is on the line.

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