drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Xena - formerly BlackWaterAnia! - Now Self Blowing CIA assets?

Blackwater's Prince Blames Dems For CIA Leak, Says He'll Become School Teacher

Gosh, I was sorta hoping he would become the next shirley temple.

I mean, something about the formerly concerned about covering CIA assets, was, uh, blown, a whole long time ago... So this whole myth about how now while blowing it all wide open in a vanity faire article, we are suppose to which with the whom of the what????

Clearly now more than ever, it is time to move the whole ball of wax, like the post office, off the backs of the tax payers, and out into the private sector, where death for hire can become a profit driven customer focused solution space with hygh synergies... I mean, folks, what is going on these days? Have we no shame left in any of the grand comedy here???

Or should we just wait for the movie to come out, "Xena - formerly BlackWaterAnia!"

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