drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Postalizing the DOD

I was so amused to listen to this charming set of interviews with the US Postal Service, which as we all know is a Constitutional Mandate ( cf Clause 7. The Congress shall have Power *** To establish Post Offices and post roads. and how it has been privatized by congress so that it is no longer taking tax payer dollars.

GOSH! Golly! Ghee Whiz Bang Wang Dang Golly Wolly GreenFootBallinistaIsms!

Clearly if we can privatise the Postal Service, and let the marvels of the Free Market System lead the way, then what is there to keep the JackBootedIronFistedNightmare of the DOD, which is not even mentioned in the US Constitution, as one more HORROR of Big Govenment upon the neck of the tax payers.


Why is it that the Great War Hero's of the GreenFootBallanista are never able to find their own draft dodger guards from getting shipped off to Afghanistan or IranqIstania to show their commitment to which ever ProWar Doggeral they once thot they felt ever more committed to?

Clearly if only they could show the courage of their Commitemenetes they would call for the empowering of the free market and the end of the horrors of a Tax Payer based DOD, when clearly, it should be postalized, and left to drift in the see of the econonomic mandates of the Invisible Foot of The Free Market to be all that it can be as an army of one!

But that way, uh, would oblige them to uh, deal with that whole spectrum of issues about which part of their 'original intent' they were willing to spill their own personal blood to be all that they could be!

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