drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Scary Time

"Engel has adduced the distinction between intuitionism and Platonism in mathematics, asking me whether I think that this distinction is "hollow." Some mathematicians take this topic seriously, while others regard it as a problem for philosophers of methematics and not for "real" mathematicians -- the latter being people who do not give the question a second thought. I do not know which mathematicians are right. But I suspect that if we were to consign the question of the ontological status of mathematical entities to oblivion, the progress of mathematics would not be affected.
{ Richard Rorty in rebuttal to Pascal Engel
What's the Use of Truth, c2007
( emphasis mine ) ]

makes me wonder which position great war hero Rush Limbaugh and friends would be taking. Or is that a part of the core structural horror of our era! That the embrace of anti-intellectionalism amongst the psuedoConservative is so resounding that they are not too sure which side is the cause of ObamaCare, and thus clearly the IslamoCyrptoZionistKliquiest types we have always been at war with.

{ and which of the psuedoCons would have knee jerked to marxism because the guy was 'engel' and therefore some sort of marx/engel continume of evil liberalism! }

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