drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

reminding GlennBeckIstania...

The irony of life CONUS is being able to enjoy the fact that my daughter can be excited about getting a marksmanship medal during boot camp. Rather than looking on it as a blase reminder of the decadence of bourgeoisie sentimentality.

But how many of the Great War Heroes of Greater GlennBeckIstania, you know, the fine folks who are both convinced that Obama is Hitler, and that ObamaCare is Red Socialism, and yet, majikally, and miraculously, none of them have opted into the military operations that are conducted in occupied lands as a prelude to first securing liberated zones, and landing fields, and co-ordination with the forces of freedom..... because, well, yeah, in GlennBeckIstania it is more important to be excited about the sort of 8" of blued steel barrel they have on their handguns, than their ability to put rounds down range to shut down armoured assault formations....

Ah yes... maybe it is that part about low crawling to the window to investigate if the tanks coming into the capital are a part of the coup.... that may change a bit of the RealPolitik that goes into when, where and how one looks at the problems of political rhetoric vice techical competence.

Why goes, maybe the Heroic Filled FeeDome Frighteners will be able to rally themselves now that the EVIL ONE will be desecrating the Hallowed Halls of West Point! By being a mere civilian president talking to his clearly social superiors about a policy for that thing in Afghanistan. Which, gosh, would be which of how many policy like positions that have been about what we are doing in Afghanistan?

No Seriously. Can you tell me what the previous policies, if any, were the policies that all of greater GlennBeckIstania not only supported but used as their excuse to not get into the combat zone?

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