drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The men who stare at Goats

Saw the film today. It was, as expected disturbing, and unsettling. But I think the adverts for the films before were even more unsettling. We walked in and they were pimping The Road, and also Crazies - yes, they are remaking that seventies show by that George A. Romero. Boy make me feel better that majikally some how some of us will survive god's judgement on the obamanation of the Obamanites and their godless ObamaCare. Or is that really a part of the problem here - folks are not too sure which side they are really on.

Why are we co-opting danish films to get our War Movies? Like, Brothers (2009 film) weren't we suppose to be getting the new generation of war movies, Great new john wayne films, because majikally we were suppose to be past that whole vietnam syndrome, now that the new generation of draft dodgers were all in favor of supporting the war as long as someone else went. Someone not from our class and station in life....

Or is that also a part of the problem in the current era of play acting? Folks have forgotten what their excuses for supporting a war someplace else, and are not quite ready for films like, A Country Too Far or The Good, The Bad, The Portfolio Not Fully Diversified.

Could it be, this the eleventh month of the Obamanation, that most folks are not too sure that they want to think that the nation is as at war as it was once popular to pretend. Since, well, that way would mean doing more than merely staring at goats? Or at least more than staring at the pictures of goats.

Makes me wonder. Which part was really the more disturbing part about staring at goats.

The movie? or the context?
Tags: memewar

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