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links for 2009.11.01

Good Morning PostGlennBeckIstania, where the True Patriotic Americans are More Patriotically American than those mamby pamby wimpering leftist leaning soft on international TheyThemThoseTypes!

{ remember kids, only 9 more shopping days to GodHatingAmericaBashing Kapitulationists Day, when the Defeatist Stab The Troops In The Back opted out of Total Victory on the 11th hour, of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, simply because some civilians negotiated a so called peace treaty and allowed those EuroTrash to prevent Our God Given Mandate To Crush The UnBelievers! So don't let those Red Socialist Types spew their unAmerianistaIsms!!! We Could have won if the Obamanites had only let us win! }

Would this be a bad time to talk about Where Were YOU when the DOW reached 10,000 as those liberals would want to say that the event had already occurred in the mere reality based community, and therefore the question was no longer future looking.

You gotta love those godHatingAmericaBashers at the economist, as noted in Back to Israel, Back To Africa ? : The Economist on Pro-Israel Anti-Semitism - since they are not really American Zionists like the True Christian American Zionists, they are, well, THEM and not US! But wouldn't it be more cost effective, if we made thoseTypes, well, more compact, you know, save on the shipping costs.

GodHatingDefeatistKapitulationistStabTheTroopsInTheBackIsms: Geithner: Deficit reduction has to wait - Treasury Secretary says economic growth and job creation remain higher priorities for now.! Shock! Shock! low voltage. Shock!

Meanwhile, back in HappyLand: Madoff documents reveal incredulous, unfocused SEC - see, government BAD, Private Sector GOOD. Four Legs BAD, Two Legs Good!

Now, if you believe in Numbers, rather than blind faith, then the ShrillOne is more Shiller than ever in his Growth and jobs: the lesson of the Clinton years - since the Fed will need to retain it's current Hard Up On Zero policy of the better part of the decade. Granted, if we sprinkle more pixie fairey dust on the economy, and clap our hands really, really, really hard, then tinker belle might be able to move the Fed Fund rate sooner. Are YOU clapping Your Hands? Or are you on the side of the evil liberals? ( in related post surrealism: Administration Hints At Tax Increases, Spending Cuts - Just Like FDR Did In 1937, Making Unemployment Worse because sometimes we are all in with Limbaugh: Palin is ready to be president because not only is Conventional Wisdom out of style, but any form of consciousness about the past is way too WACKY! )

Hey dudes, you just gotta go with this as well: The Republican Party on Now Republican House Candidate Doug Hoffman: He "Lacks the Integrity and Abilities Needed to Be Elected to Anything" I mean, isn't it obvious? Those Godless UnAmerican liberals actually think that electing a mere civilian to a mere civilian government was suppose to count for something.

OOOH! OOH! OOOH! Hoisted from the Archives: Why Are Conservatives at the American Spectator so Scared of Albert Einstein? (June 16, 1997) - Ze Real Problem is that radical left wing defeatist kultists at the American Spectator were unwilling to address the core problems with Jewish Physics.... Undt, the need to stop all of the really bad things that flow from it.

Bigger Bongs, Faster ThingiePoohs, offers us this Tasty Morsel:
The hypothesis does not claim that the market price is always right. On the contrary, it implies that the prices in the market are mostly wrong, but at any given moment it is not at all easy to say whether they are too high or too low.
[ Read more: http://curiouscapitalist.blogs.time.com/2009/10/28/are-finance-professors-to-blame-for-the-financial-crisis/#ixzz0Vd4vL8Sg ]
Gosh, I feel so much gooder now knowing tht the efficient market thesis has been protected from the under accuratizing arguments of those who were not as stoned as the stoners who were more stoned.

Maybe we should not worry about how Long-Term Unemployment Turns into Structural Unemployment - since after the civilian government, all will have their place in the world. Undt, some of them will be bio-diesel, but they will know their place in the world.

A good guide to places you should not stay: A special midnight double feature for Halloween!

And this is really even note worthy? The mainstreaming of the radical right: Conservatives run and hide from their culpability in spreading hate - what if the worst part of the scary history is the abandonment the PsuedoCons keep making, time, and time, and time again. They are all hip to the war rhetoric, and the war hysteria, right up until it is time to actually pony for cards and get into the game.

But will it be that forward into the past? Can Douglas L. Hoffman's America still work with only mere civilians in the government?

Those Damn Liberals, did they really believe all that PinkoRed Liberal Media Propoganda about the Cold War Being Over? why we have always been at war with whichEver! When Will the U.S. and Russia Stop Acting Like It’s Still the Cold War? - I mean, it is not like a bunch of Draft Dodger Dope Smokers have opted out manning the Rails against Red Soviet Eastern WhereEverStania that has been supporting the Evil Liberals of Wall Street!

No, seriously, tell us how you really feel: “How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash” (AIG as Bagholder Watch) - what? there was some not good going on? But what about the rational expectations? ( oh dear, another in this vein Shock And Awe in which we get the tasty morsel:
Even though Goldman had hedged its direct exposure to AIG, [Lloyd] Blankfein appreciated the larger problem: The collateral damage to its other counterparties and the rest of the market could expose the firm to untold billions in crippling losses.1 [emphasis mine]
So, let us not be legalistic, or simplistic, or disingenuous here. Under normal circumstances, I would completely agree with my professional better and, indeed, would and have paid him and his kind mucho dinero to advise me on the way structured finance does and should work when all is right with the world. But virtually nothing was right with the world in the fourth quarter of 2008. Cats laid down with dogs, Paris Hilton matriculated at Oxford, and the thundering hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen could be heard in broad daylight throughout the canyons of Wall Street. The system was on the knife's edge of chaos, and everyone with half a brain—including Goldman Sachs and all of AIG's other counterparties—was very well aware of that.
NOTE - the emphasis is in the original. And yes, the threat of Hiltonizing Oxford is a scary, scary, scary thot, and should never be used lightly! )

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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