drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Design gambits

Hey kids, what if you had two competing cartridges? the S&W .44 and the .44 colt and you are competing to replace the old fashion, god fearing, all american Cold Army Model 1860 tried and true ball and cap system, with some new fangled Revolver that shot only cartridge ammunition.

Well, hum, if you check, the Colt Single Action Army could shot BOTH the Colt .44 cartridge, as well as the S&W round. Or the S&W round, which could only shoot the S&W cartridge. Hum, what would the tax payers want? a simplified unified logistical train? or some boon doggle from the folks at S&W who had all but been eaten alive offering up guns to the Tsar as a fiscal fiasco.


Makes one wonder whether or not there might be a lesson in here that the modern psuedoCon might want to know about, gosh, as a part of the problems of marketting weapons to the armed forces.

And would this be a BAD time to talk about, oh, say... Webley RIC that .442 Ferrign Devil Gun that General Custard had used to the bitter end defeating them Whilely Waskcaling Injuns? Or does that take us off into the social unpleasantry of a time when officers provided their own side arms. Since to go there, might make folks wonder why it was that the GREAT INJUN FIGHTER Custard was not shooting some american made fire arm at his most Glorious Military Victory at the Battle of Big Horn?
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