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links for 2009.10.31

Oh dear, this is scary: The Gay Shall Inherit the Church? - if there is a reason to start a pogrom of the true believers, it's the thot that Permenante Capitale Gaines Taxes will be taxed!

Marc Hauser— where do morals come from? NOT religion. offers us a re-introduction to John Rawls, and you mway want to read Rawls' Mature Theory of Social Justice: An Introduction for Students - since that might push the problem into the dangerous space where no amount of mere GlennBeckIstanian Tear Drops will change the core debating points. ( not that a cry baby GlennBeckIanista ever really addressed any of the points. )

Be afraid Smart E's - Sesame's Treet. See, the evil liberal media is evil, and liberal, and media.

The Dystonia Flu-Shot Case - have you noticed that in america there are so many konspirakii theories, and the evil liberal media fails to point out how the EVIL AARP FLYING SAUCERS are the clear cause of all evil, now that AARP is the New ACORN, and thus a part of the Obamanite Nationalized Disease HORROR!
Germ THEORY is just a THEORY!
It is not a Fact!
So clearly americans need to be protected from these Evil AARPista who are spewing mere germ theory, rather than the right understandings. ( see also The Ugliness of the Anti-Vaccine Movement as one more illustration of the whole failed pre-911 kultur trying to allow mere facts to get in the way of PATRIOTISM! )

Show of hands, when they said Stockton, your first thought was ALIEN SPACE SHIPS, right? And not the Scary Influx of filipino? Right? Or is that also a part of the cultural meme in Known as “The City of Gold,” Stockton became a major hub for Filipino immigrants coming to the U.S at the turn of the 20th century. that might not be the white enough answer.

In the ONGOING holy war about data types: What To Know Before Debating Type Systems - I think we all can agree that those who have sided with Orly Taitz against the Rush Limbiots, are evil, and bad, and believe in the WRONG theory of data types, because they are all dupes of the Obamanites. Why IF only they would have used a Strong Typing system, then of course it would be a Masculine Manly Male Machimo data typing model, and one that all would enjoy, feel safe with, and of course understand that it was there protecting them from the Hydra Headed Host of Socialist Data Types that are emasculating, GayHomoZeXual, massive governmental interventionist, regulatory, and of course based upon weak typing models. ( as if the nation needed another illustration of Unusual Type Systems... So by the time you get to Framing the Interesting Debate, we can hope that you were not garish and opted to put the issues in sort of Rocco frame. )

And yes, you were suppose to have read Retrospective: An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs since they will make clear to all that EITHER you are on the correct side of PostGlennBeckIstania, or you are EVIL!

Would Lou Dobbs LIE for the ratings? Even if he does not yet have a contract with fox news? Was CNN Host Lou Dobbs Really Shot at? - Statements by New Jersey state police are putting Dobbs' claim that he and his wife had been shot at into question. But if the New Jersey State Police have not yet arrested Obama for the Crime of Being Obama, doesn't that just prove that the NJSP are some sort of Socialist Red Horde DESTROYING FREEDOME? Or is this really more signs that the internal shoot out between the Holy Warriors of the TRUE PsuedoCon are attacking the UnBeleivers of the False PsuedoCon? Or worse YET, have the EcoTerrorist of Hunters become more of the HORROR of Hunting Down Lou's out of season, and without a tag....

Freak Show Follies! Thank GOD the national wackoFest have been able to run the GOP candidate out of the NY-23 race! Scozzafava Dropping Out of NY-23 Well, there you have it! Clear proof that the evil liberals have always been lying about the GOP, when what they meant were the NOT Republican PsuedoCons who hate the republican party as much as they hate america as well! Since, let us be honest, would they really feel safe living in a land where a mere civilian were the president, and as a mere executive had to share power with a bi-cameral ( sounds too gay! ) parlimentarian structure of mere civilians elected by more mere civilians! would YOU feel safe living in such a strange land?

Oh boy, oh Joy! Beck's prediction: Sarah Palin positioning herself for third-party run -- and a third party will win in 2012 - the National LoonieParty will finally be able to campaign on the national need to nationalize the loonies...

PROOF that the Obamanites caused WWII: For Fox Sake! - OH Goodness! Proof that AARP is the Flying Saucers Horror of Horror! Never before have we so seen the Nuclear Bombing Of Freedome Fighters like Fox.

Do NOT do drugs badly! If you do drugs, do them with your awesome Powers: Beck says Net Neutrality would 'destroy the free market that created the Internet'. Oh really? Yes Boys and NonPerKin, when you grow up in the bowels of the DefeatistDraftDodgerKultur, understanding the role of DAARPA is gonna be HARD.

Yes, folks, we built the Internet to sell Intelligent T-Shirts and not because there was need for a communication mechanism that would survive a nuclear exchange.

Oh dear, more reasons for the Internet, the Iron Eagle: Pakistan’s Awesomely Bad Ordnance Factory Ad - I mean, when you are running against John Elway's scare america, and the Israeli Armsdog-Millionaires Assault Bollywood, Good Taste it is important to remember the value of the profit motive, and how without it, American would have lost to the Obamanites in WWII.

What? allowing economic theory to be theoretical, and not merely the by product of mere ideological commitment to supporting the thingusOfPooh! Bill Galston Says: The Obama Administration Should Adopt Bad Economic Policies - why yes, one would like to know if Galston was even aware of the existence of economics as a field that was studable, or should we continue to try to make policy by divination of the innards of MBA! ( not that I am actually opposed to slicing up MBA's for policy purposes, I am just not sure it is the correct form of divination. )

Why does judith miller hate america? Are Our Crime Fighters Becoming 'Mexicanized'? - Chilling signs that one of the worst features of Mexico’s war on drugs—law enforcement officials on the take from drug lords—is becoming an American problem as well. No seriously, why shouldn't americans be allowed to make the sort of money they can make in the free market! Clearly if we allowed RED SOCIALIST SOCIALIZERS like GodHatingAmericaBasher Judith Miller run the nation from their CommunistNationalSocialistObamaniteAARPbunkers - then no one in america would be safe to earn a decent living. I am SHOCKED! Just SHOCKED! low voltage, SHOCKED! that these sort of stab our troops in the back types are allowed to spread their defeatist propoganda! Today they want to go after the freedome of the free market in the war on drugs! What next? Stop the freedome of the free market in the war on american tax payers? where will this sort of Socialist Socialism end?

Remember: We Have Always Been At War With East Atrios.

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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