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links for 2009.10.29

Oh the headline Republican vs. Conservative - Which side are the Democrats against? While we are at it, which side is the WallStreetFoxNewsing supporting? Or is that a bigger problem to sort out, since, well this is a holy war with demonic forces of darkness aligned with The RED HORDES of AARP!!! I mean, if Granny Is A Commie, then you have to push her under the GodFearingAllAmerican Flying Saucer! you know, to keep america AMERICAN! ( oh dear, there is some confusion in PsuedoConLand, The Mob That Wasn't Greets Arrival Of Pelosi Bill - some of them seem to hate FeeDome because they are unaware that AARP is not merely the NEW ACORN, but is the New Red Front! the Red Greys! of the Alien Reptile People! ) [ More PROOF that the AARP is the Threat - What's the Matter With South Carolina? - another South Carolina Republican official caught SC state attorney caught with stripper - who can doubt that this was caused by AARP FlyingSaucers! ]

Day TWO of the Evil Liberal Media covering up the Flying Saucer Attacks of AARP on the Bay Bridge! Bridge closure snarls traffic for 2nd day - how much longer can a FreeperVilleFolly be forced to live under the crushing Jack Boot of Obamanite Slaughtering of the Free Press, with their efforts to cover up that it could ONLY be the Flying Saucer Attacks of AARP that could have hurt the Bay Bridge as it did! And that without the PrayerWarriorsOfPissantPiety the flying saucers would have done more damage.

Hum, some of these are like some of the others U.S. Stocks, Commodities Rally as Dollar, Bonds Drop on GDP - if the american economy were getting stronger, then wouldn't the american dollar as a facet of that part of the global economy also be strengthening? Hum, could this be another ATTACK OF THE AARP FlyingSaucers???

ShootOut in Synagoge? Shooting at North Hollywood synagogue investigated as hate crime; man detained [Updated] - wonder which part of GlennBeckIstania is going to be more distancing themselves from the whole Jews Are Hitler thing, again.

Holy CryptoIslamoCryptoZionistCryptology Flying Rodent PerKin: Elie Wiesel's Shocking Stage Appearance with Mad Preacher and Anti-Semite John Hagee - The controversial Christian Right figure baselessly trashed Obama, and Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Wiesel calls him "dear pastor." What gives? - could there be a clear and compelling argument that this is all a part of the AARP flying saucer reptile person voodoo zombie dust bunnies of despair attack? Or is this a part of the New JewishHitlerIsms?

You have to respect that respect for life: CIA Kept Prisoners Alive to Keep Torturing Them, Lawyer Says - Human rights lawyer John Sifton says the CIA tried to prevent detainees from dying, "which might sound humanitarian, but was kind of sickening."

Ah, this helps us all get on the same page: Kansas Republicans Draft "Health Freedom" Bill To Deny Public Option To Their Citizens - you see in the true freedom, there is none of that Socialism that allows for the HORRORS of welfare statist Department Of Defense, since all americans MUST have the freedom to buy as much war insurance as they can afford or want.

What if we wanted to learn to think in rational terms, rather than the merely emotive? Would we be allowed to do that in America? Why is the NY Times dragging Germany's success story through the mud? - could it be that in america we are, well opposed to the HORROR of Red Grey's and their Anal Probing Space Alien Reptile People mascarading as AARP, and so have no time to get bogged down in mere factualisms?

The Great Bi-PartisanShip:
Joe Lieberman is single-handedly bringing together people from the opposite ends of the political spectrum -- like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart -- in mutual revulsion at his preening, spotlight-hogging ways.
[ cf Does This Count As Bipartisanship? ]
So in spite of the rise of jewishNaziHitlerIteRedGreyAlienReptilePerKin, we are moving towards bipartisanship, as soon as we can irradicate the AARP infestation, of course, since they have been unmasked as the new ACORN, and hence the Enemy!

Markey To Coal Lobby: You Should Have Told Lawmakers About Forged Letters - see, it is not anyone's fault, since, well, how could anyone have known they were dealing with forged letters...

WARNING: be careful folks:
Scenes from the President's middle-of-the-night trip to welcome home war dead at Dover AFB:image
CBS Radio's Mark Knoller, whose specialty is tracking such things, reminds us that this is the first such Dover trip by any President since the Afghanistan war started in 2001.

[ cf Facing Reality ]
Remind me again GlennBeckIstania which side are you FREAKS really on? As you keep sitting out and hiding behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Big Girl Skirts....

What IF americans had to live within their own rhetorical posturing?

[ SubKultMoment - "kij's cause rugs. We brought her home, and the rug showed up." So IF you need a rug, bring home a kij.... ]
== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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