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Strange Links of 2009.10.28

eBay Rejects Auction To Benefit Man Who Murdered Abortion Provider - hum.... when the Anti-Abortion crowd play acts like they are shocked when their shooters go killing, we are suppose to believe them. When they go fund raising for their shooters, we are suppose to see their liberal revolving door of justice compassion or what?

Hey kids, the GunBrandishers are back advocating for change, Tea Party Movement Returns, This Time with Much More Dangerous and Explicit Rhetoric - It's not too hard to guess where talk of 'Judgement Day' can lead to in the context of a right-wing, gun-loving movement. Hum... are they really hoping that SkyNet will go active and all of those Hunter-Killer Drones will go after the liberals, and not after the rest of human kind, in some majikal way. You know, because they were all called up into the clouds as a part of the rapture.

Journalists were suppose to have ethics? 30 Reasons Fox News Is Not Legit - Fox News routinely, and blatantly, breaks the code to which ethical journalists are supposed to aspire. Shock! Shock! low voltage. Shock!

GoodMorphing GlennBeckIstania: A Beckean Slip: Confusing the president with bin Laden, while touting theory that Obama is a Marxist - you see what happens after the Brutal Jack Boot of Obamanite Repression of the Free Press has prevented people like Glenn Beck for seeing the world outside of their methane port?

Wow, scientology trying to main stream itself or what? Director Publicly Quits Church of Scientology Over Their Support For Calif's Prop 8 - wow. The Freak leading the Freak....

Oh that is SOOOOOOOO americanIsta -
Chris Collins, GOP county executive in Erie County, New York, was exploring a run for governor. But it looks like his prospects have dimmed significantly since he compared Jewish state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Hitler and suggesting he might be the anti-Christ a recent GOP county dinner.
[ cf Stick to the Script ]
SEEE! SEEE! See how the evil liberal media persecutes the RINO Rave Dancers! Of course Jews are Anti-Christ Hitlers! They are not like White Christian America, and what more telling way can there be than to unmask them as the IslamoCryptoZionistaIsts that they are, who are all pushing Granny under the flying saucer, to get their 10% on the InterGalaxTicCatChow because they are all following the subliminal orders of the Obamanites!

More Jack Booted Thuggery Of Evil Liberal Medianista crushed under the repression of Evil Obamanite destruction of the free press:
The US Chamber of Commerce is suing the "Yes Men" for "identity theft" over their hoax and fake press conference last week.

Late Update: As Marco tweets, aren't these the goofs against frivolous lawsuits?

[ cf Committing Self-Parody ]
but for it to be self parody, wouldn't they be obliged to at least be conscious, if not at least conscious that they are actually spoofing themselves by showing that they were just funning about the frivilous law suit thingie...

Oh the sense of self parody is getting OVER The Top: U.S. Military Turns to ‘Vader’ to Hunt Rebel Scum in Afghanistan - but doesn't that mean folks in the DOD accept that the Jedi Knights are.... oh dear... those civilian military types....

And more headPalming - Enablers of the Housing Bubble - where we learn the dangerous:
1. Loans owned by Fannie and Freddie can be a problem for the government, but they are not a problem for the financial system--nobody thinks that they could create a linked domino chain of destabilizing bankruptcies. Securitized loans without a public backstop owned by banks, on the other hand...

2. Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie were losing market share as the housing bubble grew--not gaining it. They did not force more lax lending standards on the private market, they followed the private market down.

( op cit )
Oh dear - that does complicate postSurrealism in the TeaBaggerStania, where the horror of the Carter Administration was the problem. Not the collapse of both moral fibre and personal commitment to moral standards and sound fiscal policies amongst uh, the liberals in the banking sector....

Oh dear, there is more insanity out there, but I ain't reporting it.

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