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links for 2009.10.27

Don't you hate syncing your bookmarks from the laptop to the deskTop?

Well the winner is NY23: Repubs Trying Each Other's Souls - it is official, the Gnewtster is a RINO, and not one of the TrueTrueBelievers! ( While the GodHatingAmericaBashing liberal media covers the topic a la Conservatives Laugh Off Gingrich Presidential Dreams - Former Speaker's Endorsement of Scozzafava Betrays Tea Party Ideals for Partisanship. Extra credit if you know that Scozafava is not a new character on MadMen, and more credit if you notice he is not the republican party candidate in that horse race. )

It's starting to look like HallowXmass, everywhere I go. What with the RoboMechaZoidJesusVersusTheZombieTurkeyTeenKillers all obviously everywhere, and now the SHRILL ONE attacking ZombieBankingTheory: Adjustment and the dollar.... So a jew, an economist and a JackBootedThugOfExcessiveGovernmentalInterventionism walk into a bar.... Oh, sorry, that was suppose to be anIslamoCryptoZionist, a puppetToadyOfTheRinoRaveDancer and a DemonicHellSpawnOfTheObamaniteAlienReptilePeopleMarkettingGalaxticSpaceCatChow walk into a bar to discuss the fact that currency exchange rates are related to the way that IdeologicalPurityProtectsPiety!

Oh no, the ProWarWheenies Gots CrazyTalkTime again. Kerry Backs Counterinsurgency Strategy in Afghanistan - Recent Diplomatic Win Bolsters Senator's Entrance Into Policy Debate So remember HappyKampfrs, there is gonna be trouble ahead, since the current policies on the table do not contain the biblical injunctions to kill all men, women, child and their man servants and maid servants as we take the land. So clearly the whole HORROR of the policy espoused by the Civilians in the Department of Defense, including the Senior Ranking General In Theatre is now crushed as a mere civilian plot to prevent the True Military Government from installing biblical principles of WAR! as god has made so clear in the bible!

So you would be surprised by 6 Signs That the American Empire Is Coming to an Early End - The day of America's global pre-eminence is over. We must face the new global realities. Clearly now folks have to ask themselves, can they really afford the DARK HORROR of a mere civilian government! Or is it time to embrace our White Christian American History and go with God's TRUE WarPresident heading the True Biblical Military Government, unafraid of the slaying and slewing and slaughtering as we take the land. ( would this be a good time to talk about dominionism and the glorious new new world order, freed from the Liberal SeXularism of RINO Rave Dancers like the Godless America Bashing Gnewtster? )

Wow, talk about fun dueling headlines Our Economy Was a Scam and Now We're Dead Broke meets "Freakonomics" Authors Tell You How to be a Good Prostitute. Wow, and to think that originally the concern was merely the questionable contrarian takes on mere climate change. Now it's that Brave New World of the Great new day of Hooking In America!!! and it's no longer Just a Rugby joke any more!!!

( what? Contrarianism without consequences Hum.... Could it be that Pimping Ain't Easy in this tough new economy, and even IF you are mad as hell, and not willing to take it any more, one has to make sure that they are not going to make you the first guy killed, LIVE and ON TV, simply because one let one's book sales down. )

Oh yes:
Unfortunately for Jonah, the Republicans have managed to rebrand themselves from an epic screw-up party to a batshit crazy party, and that's a problem when 99% of Americans don't describe themselves as epic screwups or batshit crazy. I'll take our chances.
[ cf Pantload Unloads ]
Notice how the godlessAmericaBashingLiberals once again retreat to that failed pre-911 culture of mere factualisms! When all true americans support the TrueWarPresident against the Liberals and their RINO RAVE DANCER fellow travellors, you know, like the Gnewtster, who was never really a TrueProWarWheenieEnoughToBeCoolLikePantLoad!

Who is the Goyim in that photo? U.S. Drones Back Pak Offensive Against Taliban - hum, if we openly admit that we are both overflying and bombing another country, does this sorta mean we are near a state of tax deferal on investment opportunities with that country? Or is it only a limited fiscal ofset state of affairs that has not yet quite arisen to the full on HostileFirePayWriteDownTaxEventSequencing? And you gotta love that ISI crew, helped make sure that the True WarPresident is protected in the government, and not threatened with the HORROR of a mere civilian government coming to power!

Israel, India, one of those I-Stan Nations, whatEver. Officials: Mysterious 'Country A' In Nozette Spy Case Is India.

And now, the Dueling Opting Out Gags: For Red States, Opting Out is Not An Option meets So What Is the 'Opt-Out' Compromise? - it will be Most interesting to see which position the various types of potentially libertarain like persons take on why allowing the Opting Out as a State's Right is all a part of the Red Socialism of those Evil Ones who are not supporting our, which ever on what ever for stopping the GayMarriageAntiWarPeaceFreaks... Since I am sooooooooo not expecting that we will hear much of a rational discourse on the topic right up to the moment that the Obamanite Death Squads kick in the door of Grannies and machinegun baby jesus in the door way. You know, because they are SOOO not nice people like US.

Are YOU doing YOUR part? Teaching Glenn Beck's most valued beliefs in school - because anything less and the space aliens in the white house unleash their Flying Saucer Attacks of Zombie Thingies, and pooh, and ERS!!!

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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