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Good Morning GlennBeckIstania!

Gates Asks NATO for More Help in Afghanistan - WHAT? Would a military government be going hat in hand to the EuroTerroEnviroTheThemIsts to get the military Troops to win the WhateverOnWhomever?

LiberalMedianIsta oppose the New Fashion of BlackAndWhite because they all hate sarah BAZAAR Fashion Ideas Clearly if america were freed from the crushing defeatism of a mere civilian government, then Komrade Mom would be in the Komrade Momovich leading the total victory of totally glorious Rouge Troops over the forces of evil liberalism and their mere civilian government!

But will he remain stuck in the failed liberal policies of a failed mere civilian government? Conservative Base Stands Up to GOP in NY Race - First-Time Candidate Doug Hoffman Piling Up Endorsements, Funding From the Right. I mean there is already a republican party candidate in the election, so when these so called conservatives pull up their RINO RAVE Dancing Skirts and go high kicking against the GOP, I think it is safe to say they left of their own accord and have been honest about how NOT REPUBLICAN they have been all of these years!

Now this is a pair of dualing headlines: How Mormonism Created Glenn Beck - With Glenn Beck now a mainstay in the national debate, the public is getting exposure to a peculiar strain of religious political conservatism rooted in Mormon culture in the battle royale with Does Military Service Turn Young Men into Sexual Predators? Ah yes, why if Only Glenn Beck had been willing to lead those Armoured Flying Saucer Korps, would we still be bogged down protect RedChina's Flank from the growing threat of Maoist Kommunist Guerrillas from Nepal swooping down... No! We would be More WinningIst against the liberals and unbelievers...

More Major Military Victories over HORRORS of Evil Liberalism: Unemployed Family Man Joins the Army to Cover His Wife's Ovarian Cancer - you see! GodlessLiberalHateAmericaLeftWingExtremists, Jesus did provide a way! An Answer to Prayer! And a chance to be a part of God's One true Holy Crusade against the unbelievers and liberals!

Oh me, Oh My! What are we going to DO! The Evil OneWorlderBlueHelmettedUppityOne is openly Persecuting White Christian Americans! Security Guard Accused Of Terrorist Threats Against President Obama in New Jersey - I mean, it is not like the security guard was threatening TheRealWarPresident[dm]! So why are the evil liberals getting all cranky? Do they really believe that a mere civilian elected by mere civilians is like the real president! And the great War Lord Appointed Of GOD! Oh yes, and there is also this Do not adjust your TV sets. That high-pitched, relentless whining sound coming from the screen is just Fox News - you see! More Proof that only as we restore GOD's True Military Government will america be freed from the horrors of a mere civilian government.

In the More Answers to prayer section: Swine Flu Victim Dies After Being Kicked Out Of ER. Where we learn:
The mother of a man who died of a swine flu-related illness said her son was asked to leave a Texas hospital a day before his death because he was lying on the floor, too ill to sit in a chair.
( emphasis in original text )
You see, no problem, except that the ER should still be allowed to recover a security fee from the Mother, since clearly she was an obvious threat to our american way, and is so clearly spreading defeatist propoganda!

WingNutOnWingNut Hot Grudge Match! When Wingnuts Attack -- Each Other: Ziegler harasses ACU chief Keene, gets tossed out of right-wing confab - what can I say! If there is anything I hate it is all of them RINO RAVE Dancers who have not been willing to be anything but PsuedoCons!!! Clearly only by supporting the OneTrueAndOnlyCorrectorConservativism can we free ourselves from the growing horror of a civilian elected civilian government! And that in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn BABY UBU!!!! I mean, MienGottImHimmel, can we really allow such radical left wing extremists in the True Conservative Movement!!! SPLITTERS!!!! SPLITTERS!!!!

Interesting Development: Congress Wants to Rebrand the Public Option As Medicare. Hey DraftDodgingLeftWingProNixoniteDopeSmokers, would this be a bad time to remind the radical left wing loonies, that the VA shipped Military Vets over the wall into Medicare! Or should we skip past all of the alledge ProPatria Wanking about how Vets were suppose to have some sort of special place in the hearts of mere civilian SUCKS UPS and SPLITTERS!!!! So why not sober up and embrace a public option, and accept that none of the civilians were ever buying WarInsurance to offer them the going market rates for war! and only the parts of war that they always wanted! Since, well, it's not like any of these loopies can remember which side they pretended they were kissing up to in that whole Anti-Communist Thing they are all big about supporting, as along as it is someone else who takes the time out of their lifestyle to engage in the actual DOING!

Proof: Obama Is a Muslim! - or one of those CryptoIslamoHindooZionists!

Killing Kasztner - TPM offers a bit of background and story on the documentary Killing Kasztner - which would cause some complications for the various manifestations of ZionistKliquesUndtKooks, if any of those Zionists were open to the complications of contradictions. Fortunately most of the kooks are not open to contradictions.

In related complications Tzipi does not quite openly ask the question of why is it that the Actual Israeli Ambassador is distancing, and suggesting that the J-Street Gathering is anti-Israel... Oye, it is never easy to remember which are the TRUE IslamoCryptoHindooZionista!

Those DAMN Liberals!!!! Don't they know that this sort of wreckless journalism puts people's FAMILIES AT RISKS!!!! Super Concrete in the U.S. Military, Iran … and the Pyramids? - you know, because THEY are THEM! And they could be engaged in attacking the families of US! because now that americans know about the Special Mason Connection, it could become more than a MERE potential for a Dan Brown Novel - it could become the Land of the men who stare at goats .

Speaking of which, I get the new gig, right next to the secret spy place, and the weekend after I start, the Red Kommunist Hollywood LEAKS the critical parts! It's More than a Feeling. Hum, I wonder what it is that Jesus is trying to tell me about the majikal sekret parts of my life.

More happy news for those supporting the Ever Glorious, Ever Victorious, No-Bid Contract Homeland Security Economic Bubble: U.S. Largesse Keeps African Militaries Rolling - hum, I wonder if the famlies of any of these special players are facing risks because some godless pro-military liberal media groupies back CONUS leaked about these projects????

Hum.... What if the whole "the liberal media puts families at risk" works well on FoxNews, but not in the land of actual players, spooks, and people who taken the life of creating The DEAD. Or is that Just More than a Feeling. You know, Scrub Style... ( would this be a bad time to remind folks that The Safety Dance is what gets offered up better on youTube than as a part of the SecurityKabukiTheatre! Cause we live in GridIrony where they give away AK-47's and yet the terrorist plots in boston break down, allegedly because the perps were unable to get access to automatic weapons... May be the men without hats has a better Safety Dance option for this... you know, because leaving the real world might be option ONE! )

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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