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Thank GOD the poles back our holy war against IranRussoIranqIstaniaStanStan, Poland signs up to new US shield - see, the great thingus of Pooh Thingie is making us all more safe from them who are they and not US!

Where is the GitMoIstaniaStan? Feds: Boston terror suspect planned mall attack - what? mere civilian organizations a year ago busted this threat to our ShoppingMallSantas ( obscure FaceBook Vampire war reference ) - shock! Shock! What clearer proof that over a year ago the Obamanites were konspiring to impose mere civilian rule over the greatness of the Great War President!!!! CAN there be any clearer mandate that we must step back from the frightening brink of allowing mere civilian governments and restore the all military leadership all the time everwhere!

Yawn: US rescue 'averted meltdown' but problems remain - oh me, oh my!

The dollar is up to $1.5 per Euro!!! that will show them!

Should white christian americans be threatened by a Papist Konspirakii on the bennch? Donohue, Scalia, and Religious Supremacy. Yes, yes, yes, the defeatist stab our troops in the back may appeal to the failed Peace of Westphalia, but does that mean that we should allow innocent white christian americans to be threatened by the JackBootedIronFistedClayMitredPapistPanderings!!!!

Also worth following is What About Fascism? - since the usual problem here is that wanking liberals turned the technical term Fascism into a mere HanoiAnnieCoulterism - without thinking that there might really be sufficient reason to be concerned. Now that we live in a society in which the trendoids openly talk about a military coup, talk about armed attacks on unarmed federal workers, and we are suppose to buy as 'civil' the gunBrandishing cultists; maybe recovering the technical term Fascism and it's problem space is important.

Got Likudnik?
As the dovish pro-Israel lobby J Street prepares for its first conference next week, a familiar array of Likudniks and neocons has mobilized to destroy it. The anti-J Street campaign has marked something of a watershed for the organization. Previously, AIPAC and its Washington allies professed to be unconcerned with J Street’s rise and publicly sneered at its significance. But now the group’s growing profile (including, notably, a long cover story in the New York Times Magazine) seems to have convinced the Israel hawks that stronger measures were needed.
[ cf The War On J Street ]
Maybe we should point folks at Top Ten Reasons Christian Zionism "Impairs Israel's Interests" and Worldwide Biblical Zionists - since the irony of an anti-semitic christian zionism, the problem of holding an american for spying for Israel, have add the usual special sauce to the usual post surrealism of PsuedoCons and the mainstays of GlennBeckIstania!

The Untouchables: Right-Wingers Put Themselves in an Uncompromising 'World Apart' - A report issued Friday by Democracy Corps shows that the most conservative Republicans consider themselves part of an underdog minority. Is anyone really surprised that they have transitioned from whining about the victim mentality, that evil liberalism was suppose to impose on folks, and their own adoption of their own problem space as the victims. The victims in an apocalyptic vision of their own making. Amongst the ugly questions is whether or not folks should continue to engage the radical right and their groopies? Or would that just be more proof of the MonoManiaOfMainStreatOppression!

The french tried this once, and uh, could that explain the hatred of FreeDomeLand? Bill Moyers: How Can the U.S. Be an Empire and a Democracy at the Same Time? - An interview with Mark Danner, whose new book, Stripping Bare the Body, explores the strange notion of a democratic empire and the wars it wages. Who knows, maybe americans should return to the idea that nations are good things, and that there should be unions of nations. Or is the allowing of any of THEM, just more systemic UnAmericanism?

Hum. Wonder why this question is being asked? Will the Soldiers We Train in Afghanistan End Up Trying to Kill Us in the Future? It's Happened Before - For 30 years we've been deeply involved in creating, financing, and sometimes arming a part of the world that has shown willingness to create violence on our own soil. Even more so, should we start working on curing the threat of the Next Oklahoma Style Bombing Incident by resolving the conflicts created by the SatOnTheirFaceProWarTypes?

Yes, you too may be a victim of Bush Derangement Syndrome if you buy into the liberal notion that Numbers are Numerical! It's just a Theory! and the shrill one goes crazy in derangement where I learned about all of those Scary Horrors of Liberalism Thingies!

But there is always GOOD news: Proposed Army Program Will Encourage Soldiers to Look On The Bright Side of Combat - the national montyPythonPolicyPromulgationProgramme still seems to be cranking out stuff without the bother of any awareness of Post Surrealisms!

Got deranged armed gunBrandishingWingNuts? What is the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus for? 'We hunt liberal, tree-hugging Democrats' - for those of you without the time in the HostileFireTaxConsequenceZones, hunting humans can be a profitable process IF you get the right sort of write off on any income. Otherwise, it is merely about killing humans, in this case americans. Makes me wonder why these so called Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus is openly advocating killing americans, just as if the CSC were some branch of Al-Qaeda taking their orders to kill americans from some taliban kabal.

Are you supporting a Military Government? Sy Hersh: Military 'In War Against The White House' - or are you one of them civilian pansies stabbing our troops in the back with your irrational desire for a mere civilian government! ( makes one wonder about McChrystal's Leak No Problem for GOP Backers could it be that some folks are sooooooo excited about the idea of Seven Days in May and are just too excited for words! )

The scary part of As Ye Sow is the horror of what happens when the wingNuttery implements the post civilian government phase? and it is not merely the rational attacks of wingNutsOnWingNut action?

Yes virginia there are pro-WhiteRacists who want the military to be NegroFree America’s Worst Law Student™, Class of 2010* - oh me, oh my! Thank GOD John Yoo still has a safe place to teach law stuff....

Oh who is the Jew in the Picture, the one with the GodHating... oh hold it, those are our HK's. Pak Taliban Spooked by Drones, Insider Account Shows - but doesn't that mean that the Zionist Occupation Government is field testing their KillWhiteChristianAmericans in some ferrign devil Waziristan, so that they are ready to kill White Christian Americans with their DeathRays and Hunter Killer Attack Ships when they come back to america under the control of the Obamanites! Why that would explain why the GodHatingGunGrabbingAmericaBashers in the NRA have always been in kahoots with the ZOG policy of preventing mere civilians from having AAA, SAM, RPG, ATGM, and other means to defend ourselves from the Jew with the DroneOfDeath! Not that I have anything against Jews, or their Papist OverLords.... Nor am I saying that Jews will use the DronesOfDeath to harvest the virgin lood of white christian americas, but it could happen you know, they are repressed by their PapistOverlorads who are all alien repitile people, you know, not the right type of people who of course live happy lives in GlennBeckIstaniaStan!

See! those liberals will do anything for their red socialist nationalized Heath Defense Initiative: Darpa Looks to Upgrade Bio-Threat Detectors or were we suppose to believe that the free market factors will majikally appear to provide market driven solutions when folks become aware that they are in the middle of a Biological Attack. It could happen. The majik of the MarketPlace Could be MoreMajikal!

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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