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links for 2009.010.19

BAGnews gives us an interesting art piece Facing Afghanistan - amongst the usual problems, why is it hip to be into Afghanistan now? I mean, what happened to IranIranqIstaniaStan? Or is this the symbolism we still have half a chance of being able to fund as the way to support the WarPresident to support the ideological posturing?

In the keeping with our DepressionEraRevivalisms, Sheriff: Balloon boy hoax may have conspirators - it could be that this was a viralMarkettingGagGoneBad, for some sort of reality TV show. Gosh, just like that whole IranqIstanianRealityGameShowHere, where americans competed for extra special no-bid contract prizes.

Oh dear, the shrill one is opting for factualism in Superfreakingmeta - and points back to the brad delong work, in which the actual problematic asserts are noted for being UnderTruthier.... And that this with the "he said, she said" runs up on the reef of what was published. What if there were some sort of standard for TruthierEnoughForPublicDisplay? Would it still be 'moved units' or something other than the ability to sell adverts and plush toys on TV?

And brad deLong is talking about getting out of the fiasco: *Sigh* Last Post on Superfreakonomics, I Promise - well there you have it. Time to move along. Do we as a society really want to waste time dealing with facts and factualism? That is so failed pre-911.

Oh dear, now we can go global with the HeSaidSheSaidWars, Exclusive: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Twitter, Blog-Monitoring Firm - the funny is learning that some psuedoCons really will try to raise their privacy rights about their blogs. WOW, totally like the Colours Dude.

What if the worst part is that the problem of transparency is getting a solid signal to noise solution in place first? Gosh the same sort of problem with what were we trying to do with artificial intelligence...

Oh dear, do we really need a RaspBerryAwardForFreakedTerroristVerts? Iron Eagle: John Elway’s Awesomely Bad Anti-Terror Vid - of course they were terrorists, they are now dead, and they had cash on them, what more proof does anyone need?

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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