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Ah yes, the symbolic symbolism: Poster artist admits to lying - AP to continue copyright suit. Thank god in corporate america we understand the importance of copyRight, and the deeper symbolism of symbolic symbols!

Hum, when you are selling assets is that mean you broke? Nicolas Cage’s ‘Treasure’ buried in debt where we learn that he is selling off his various real estate holdings, because he is broke. Uh dudes, when you own land to sell, you ain't that broke yet. The problem is when you have greater debts than you can pay off. Hum, wonder what the symbolism is here?

Oh there it is "Where the Wild Things Are" Tops Weekend Box Office - ABC News - in spite of the bad word of mouth, it seems to have done well enough for at least one weekend. The important question is whether or not it will fit in with our True Patriotic America; where TruePatrioticAmericans KNOW all about the horror of the underlying story as a part of the attack on our white christian america!

Here it is, this is where the Patriotically Correct Wild Ones While Away: Iran blames the West for Revolutionary Guard bombings ( A Sunni insurgent group, Jundallah, claimed responsibility for Sunday's attacks that killed six of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards and more than 20 others. ) meets Street fighting in Taliban bases - ( Taliban militants are engaged in street fighting with Pakistani soldiers as the army tries to break the militants' grip on South Waziristan.) - WHAT? Can anyone here imagine that these could occur without the direct support of the EverGloriousEverVictorious Army? ( cf Ever Victorious Army For those who may not have had a proper education, and therefore might have missed the reference to the Imperial Army that BRUTALLY ATTACKED the Taiping Armed Forces, and thus attacked the little brother of Jesus! Which is what we have come to expect from the vicimized puppets of the failed liberal education that has left them totally unprepared for life in GlennBeckIstania! )
Is it MORE stab in the back to doubt that this is the total military victory of our Most Glorious Forces?
Or are the draft dodger kulturalista hoping that this is not systemic information that their candy asses might get drafted into the Hostile Fire Pay Zone, with more than the usual tax ramifications.
We can only Praise Great Leader who makes Greatness Great! Since clearly the mere civilians can not understand the greater greatness that comes with Great WarLordisms!!!

Oh Mien Gott Im Himmel, it is the brutal jack booted stab the troops in the back Burning Christians to light the pavement made from the crushed bodies of White Christian Americans! Louisiana JP says he won't resign over interracial marriage issue - can anyone doubt that this sort of HORRIBLE HORROR can only happen when a civilian government allows civilians to govern! Rather than allowing the True Bible Holy Warriors of Holy Military Government to protect those who are protecting us from the whole horror of civilian liberalism and it's mere secular laws. ( for our slow readers, what is the Supreme Court's rule on Loving v. Virginia? Need any more proof that those civilian laws are the threat that we must support the holy warriors in over turning before this brutal war against white christian america gest any more brutal.
Who can doubt that this is clear proof that the Obamanites are personally not only pushing granny under the flying saucer, but are selling white christian americans to the space aliens!
Since how could this persecution occur but that the Obama personally lead the tanks into AmericanWaziristania!

Dubner offers an alternative Global Warming in SuperFreakonomics: The Anatomy of a Smear - hum? does the fact that this is a war going on between two NYT types lead us to worry that this is all a part of some super sinister evil liberal media plot? Or is there some deeper symbolism we should embrace? Like how this would not happen if we were not being victimized by a mere civilian Government. It will be interesting to see if we can finally get on down the trail to the part where we have the parapsychologies show up to share with us about how Egypt really was like, or is that just asking too much.

The Shrill One attacks feeDome in Weitzman in context wherein we now learn Levitt now says that the chapter wasn’t meant to lend credibility to global warming denial all of which makes the public discourse, well, complex, and complicated, and not simply, like, well, the Obamanite are transforming the Planet into the Atmosphere of their Space Alien Reptile People Overlords!

Oh dear, Six Questions for Levitt and Dubner (More Superfreakonomics Blogging)

Oh dear, what have the evil liberals done now. "Clean, Safe and High-Value" Neighborhoods Are Nice Ways of Saying "White" Without Bringing Race into It - The law does not forbid segregated or discriminating neighborhoods. It simply forbids intentional discrimination. Which offers us an excerpt from the book: Searching for Whitopia. Hello! Why do you think americans want White Christian America protect from the darkies and heathenista? It's what our troops are fighting for dude.

In related attacks on the freeDome of the free market: Working With the Victims in the Complex Struggle to Fight Sex Trafficking - The Philippines suffers from a significant problem with child sex exploitation, but it also provides more fertile ground for US work on anti-trafficking. Anti-Trafficking? Does that come with a capitale depreciation schedule?

UnHoly Stab the troops in the back: The Rise of the Religious Left -- Why Christianity Isn't Just for Conservatives - It's easy to paint American Christians as right wing free-marketeers -– but the truth is far more complex. What? that is like saying that the bible does not support all of the capitale gaines taxe cuts that jesus demands! What next? Allow for the existence of a secular law that is based upon a theology other than that which rational reasoning mandated, and the GodHatingAmericaBashingBibleBurners over turned in Loving v. Virgina. How can such a thought even be thinkable?

Oh dear, those damn secularists: McClatchy: Moody's Too-Favorable Ratings Fueled Wall St. Bubble - clearly if people had been getting their economic information for GOD! by praying, then there would have been none of this horror of Secularists Doing Sinful Things to the economy because we would all be living in God's Military Government freed from the horror of a mere civilian government! Can there be any clearer proof!

Hum, what if more americans read 'The Eliminationists': Yet another round of interviews, and assorted notes - would it be any better at helping them deal with the transition of america from the realm of the american dream into the current variations on the American Delusional States.

OH MIEN GOTT IM HIMMEL!!!! The Obamanties are rolling out the tranks to crush white christian america under the treads of their GodHating AmericaBashing: Obama Threatens Insurance Companies' Anti-Trust Exemption - how much longer can americans be threatened by the existence of a civilian government!

Ok, so I have to quote this:
Cartoonist Matt Groening published a panel back in 1985 that was entitled “How to be a Clever Film Critic”, challenging wannabe Eberts and Kaels to ask themselves (among other things) this soul-searching question: “Do you thrill at the prospect of spending a career writing in-depth analyses of movies aimed at sub-literate 15 year-olds?” After suffering through Law Abiding Citizen, let’s just say… I’m doing a little soul-searching.
[ cf Death Wish 300 ]
As a person who loves both good and bad films, I just picked up Gilda on sale at costco, and have now slept through two of the Toho Classics, and two of the Karloff classics, I have an understanding that not all film is about art, culture, and the stuff that godHatingAmericaBashiingEvilEfementeEastCoastWimpLiberalPuppetToadiessOfRedHollywood espouse, but was mostly about getting to engage in blatent gender preference appropriate conduct in a mostly darkened space. Which at my age mostly includes getting a good nap in. But all of which is indicative of the HORRORS of allowing a godless civilian government to corrupt our moral fibre.
== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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