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Why DO americans Hate america? (p2)

Hey Boys And Girls:
This capitulation was signed late in the evening on May 8, 1945, following the original capitulation Germany signed earlier to the joint Allied forces. The Soviet government announced the victory early on May 9, a day after the signing ceremony in Berlin.

The May 9 Victory Day is celebrated in most of the successor states to the Soviet Union, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The day is traditionally marked by ceremonial military parades with the most prominent one being traditionally held in Moscow Red Square.

Two separate capitulation events took place at the time. First, the capitulation to the Allied nations in Reims was signed on May 7, 1945, effective May 8. This date is commonly referred to as the V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day) in most western European countries.

[ cf WikiPedia: Victory Day (Eastern Europe) ]
One has to wonder why it is that the Various God Hating America Bashers out there have decided to FORGET that once the USofA fought against Genocidal Lunatics.

That Once Upon A Time the idea of the Arayan Brotherhood was not a Positive Idea....

So why exactly DO the alledged American Christians HATE America and the American Veterans Community?

Could it be that they are having problems remember what it must have been like to Fight Against Evil! What it was like to work for the Good Guys, irregardless of how much one made Ripping Off Everyone Else!!! What it was like to do the right thing, rather than hide behind the Skirts of Women Like Specialist Lyndie England and whine about being picked on by those tough nasty types with their tough nasty words about how folks should follow their lip flappings into action.

Or is the problem here - that americans having decided that they are TOO TRAUMATIZED by this being Year Three of The Mission Accomplished, they are no longer sure how to deal with the Old Facts About The Old America - the America that the Alledged American Christians wish had never existed.

So why do the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome HATE America, and the American Veteran's Community?

And for the Slow Learners - Memorial Day is when the Alledged American Christians get to hate and forget Our Fallen Dead who died in service to country. Special Credit if you remember why Armed Forces Day, and when it is, and how these compare and contrast these with Veterans Day when the VOCHAS hate and Forget the Living Members of the Veterans Community, and whine about how Victimized they feel, that others were able to be members of the American Armed Forces, but the VOCHAS have always been persecuted for being too cute, too cool, and too trendy to get up off their Faces, where they had been sitting, and follow their lip flappings into action.

Be Seeing YOU!!!

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