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But what about the Capitale Gaines Depreciation On the 2nd and subsequent wives and concubines?

Is it just me, but are YOU Tired of these GODLESS LIBERALS and their GODLESS agenda of mandating that you only get a tax break on the ONE wife! Rather than accept that clearly the bible allowed capitale depreciation on all of one's wives and concubines! And that all of this Prop8 gamboling around is merely more of the same FAILED LIBERAL TAXATION AGENDA! Clearly without a capital depreciation on the 2nd and subsequent wives, and all concubines, it is as GOOOD as taxing a man! and we all know about these GODLESS tax and spend Liberals and their Godless Hate America Tax Agenda!

It should be noted:
He also rejected the campaign's contention that Proposition 8 must be upheld if it was justified by "rational" reasons. Walker said the U.S. Supreme Court has not yet made clear the legal standard for weighing claims of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.The judge previously ordered the Proposition 8 campaign to disclose its internal strategy memorandums and communications, an order the campaign is appealing to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on 1st Amendment grounds.

Theodore Olson, representing same-sex couples in the case, told Walker that if the appeal delays the trial, he may ask for a preliminary injunction to suspend Proposition 8.

[ cf Judge rejects challenge to same-sex marriage suit - The refusal to dismiss the case against Proposition 8 means it will proceed to trial in January, unless appeals delay it. ( emphasis mine) ]
But of course skips over the direct concern about restoring our White Christian America, with all of the Capitale Gaines Taxes Relief the BIBLE MANDATES! ( ok, so I find the need to make the distinction between 'rational' and irrational reason, well, just too tastey for words! Since of course we are ultimately talking about who gets the Tax Cut, and who are repressed by LiberalTaxanista! )

I say that it is clearly time for these GODLESS Liberals to stop pussy footing around about their GodlessLiberalTaxanista Ways and step out from behind their pretenses of being Anti-Gay and openly explain why they Hate the Bible, and want to continue to imposes undo and excessive Taxation on God Fearing White Christian Americans!
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