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Triumph Of The Will meets Gold Diggers of 1933

Yes, an interesting idea that, Triumph Of The Will of course chronicles the 1934 party gathering, and Gold Diggers of 1933 is the Horrifying Busby Berkley Hate Filled America Bashing Horror Film that has the evil "Remember My Forgotten Man" -
Berkeley was inspired by the May 1932 war veterans march on Washington, D.C. When the number was finished, Jack Warner and Darryl F. Zanuck (the studio production head) were so impressed that they ordered it moved to the end of the film, displacing "Pettin' in the Park".
Since, gosh, as we all know, that first demonstration for the war bonus, was put down by dug-out doug and his side kick Ike.

I think these two films give us a clear and compelling argument of why america had to be attacked in 1941, by those IranIranqIstanianStan Flying Saucers, since, well, gosh, could americans really suffer on under the horrors of that sort of Godless UnAmerican Civilian Government that would allow Red Hollywood to make such dangerous radical films with choreography by Busby Berkley? When Red Hollywood could have been extolling the Military Prowess and Gloriously Victorious Mission Accomplished RINO Rave Dancers that only a Military Government can offer.

It of course, in the corrected slip stream vision of american history as it should have been, explains why the Great American Military Government Victory was so Great And Glorious, and why we have all lived so happily ever after! Since, well gosh, clearly, we have such a wonderful life, now that the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War have been freed from the horrors of mere civilian government.

Mien Gott Im Himmel! But that way would mean that everyone in america would be covered under the National Defense Health Programme... and, well, clearly that would not do either!

Thus proving that the horror of liberalism is that it is horrible, and liberal, and Ism!
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