drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

TalibanIsta to take over NFL team?

WHAT? a pro-TaliBanAlQaedaIsta wants to deprive america of an NFL team?

It of course comes as no surprise that the ProTerroristDestoryAmerica types are arguing Why Rush Limbaugh Belongs In The NFL because of course it is not like they have to worry much about stabbing the troops in the back.

But when we know that Rush has Hopped In BED with the TalibanAlQaeda, and by Rush's own reality space, that means that HE is well, gosh, STABBING OUR TROOPS IN THE BACK, it can only follow from Rush's own perspective, that he is openly engaging in his own Treasonous Behavior! So when he is trying to take over an NFL team, what other course is a TRUE american to take but that the Taliban is seeking to destroy Our White Christian America with one of their FellowTravellors.

Yes, in some space it might be considered OK, but what if the nation were in a 'time of war'? And what IF we were in those tax accounting rules under the very same rhetorical posturing of Rush and the rest of GlennBeckIstania???

SHOULD we allow them to be pro-terrorists and thus their own self condemnatory practices which, gosh, they so hate themselves for, well, uh, the very behavior that they are doing.

Hey, I am sooooooo willing to support them in their kulturKampf, uh, as soon as they are willing to work out their issues as to why they keep attacking themselves...

Ah yes, what if the actual founding fathers had actually supported the idea of an actual civilian government providing oversight and leadership to the military? What sort of reality would that be to the freaks in GlennBeckiStania.
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