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links for 2009.010.07

Ever have one of those Dumb Days? Have onsite interview, and it is the last day before the movers show up to help out.

So how long will we go on winning? Eight Years of War: A Bloody Anniversary in Afghanistan. While constructing an answer, remember that there is a threat that the Liberals will want to retreat from IranIranqIstanianStan, and therefore we need to resolve if we need to have any reason at all for continuing to continue
The RINO Rave Dancers Disco Ducking Of DEATH!
You know, like jesus demands in the bible>

Remember, the bible is also clear on the ownership of slave, as well as the obligatory capital depreciation schedule that Jesus Died For: Land O' Lies: SBC Lobbyist Compares Health-Care Reform Advocates To Nazis. So remember, when you are visiting AmericaStania, you need both a good tax accountant and a bibilical scholar, but not always in that order.

And now, how AmericaStanians live: Racially Exclusive Suburbs Across U.S. Dubbed the New 'Whitopia' - Some of the fastest-growing areas in America are also the most Caucasian -- author Rich Benjamin's new book explores the new establishment of white ghettos. Any Questions why we must keep defeating the Unbelievers to keep AmericaStania American!?

Ah yes, Conservative Bible Project Aims to Delete 'Liberal Bias' from the Bible - thank GOD! Finally someone will end the horror of the evil liberal opposition to a capital depreciation schedule for wives and concubines!

Got that Duck And Cover Moment: Secret Plan to Ditch the U.S. Dollar's Dominance Uncovered - Arab states have launched a secret plan with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading. Any more questions about why we must go on winning over there in those over there countries?

In the shrill one is still crazy - Still chasing shadows? - where he raises the angstt:
Call me naive, but why does Fed policy seem to assume that the only way to repair credit markets is to return to the status quo ante, circa January 2007?
Well Gosh, because that is what jesus said in the bible! And if the bible says it then the True Americans Believe it, and that settles it!

And now for the Suprise, Suprise, Suprise! Gomer moment: Study: Bush Administration Blocked Attempts to Prevent Mortgage Crisis - well how could that have happened.

Watch the evil liberals get evil: Exclusive: Gun show dealers caught on video selling to people who tell them they'd fail a background check - any questions about who is stabbing tghe unborn baby UBU in the back now?

Oh dear, the rest of the news looks like it is all the same. Crazy Mall Cop Freak Outs, sad cases where the vanguard of the draft dodger kultur is upset that people do not like them and their pro-warWhileHiding stance, uh, looks funny.

Maybe it will get better.

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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