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links for 2009.10.06

Ok, so should I learn scala or python? The former is being pimped as a gateway to Ocaml. But the crazy concern is how do all of these new and coool languages get us actual employment, and not mere academic praise and respect.

UnHoly Reconstructionists Revivalisms FlyingRodentPerking: Black GOP Candidates Mount Serious 2010 Bids Nationwide - Republican Party Could Change Image With an African American in Congress - oh that could so change the complextion of the Southern Strategy. But will it add weight to a right wing religious revivalism? Or will it become a new shell game? Being more UncleTom than the next? My hope is that this is a sign that we have turned the corner of the colour game.

Media Pushes ‘Rift’ Between McChrystal and Obama - General's Remarks Took on Controversial Life After NY Times Pieces, Cable News Coverage - what is interesting is a concern about the lack of media coverage about Michael A. Monsoor's CMH, and the lack of media coverage ( cf SEAL Killed in Iraq To Get Medal of Honor - wapo reported that April 1, 2008, and scopes notes: Michael Monsoor ) so is there a new meme that is growing out there? Or just the same meme about how the civilian government needs to be replaced with a military government that understands the true military needs, that only the TrueProWarriors can understand. Ironically of course all of these pro-war weasels seem to have a hard time getting into the hostile fire pay zone....

And this comes as a surprise? And Jesus said "Love thy neighbor, unless your neighbor is black, or gay, or a Democrat": Conservapedia works on ConservaBible. Hum, why is it that the christianists never get upset at the damage that their fellow christianists are doing to their ideology and movement? ( see also The Bible 2.0, now with more smiting! )

Bill Maher: Enabler of the Religious Right - This is one of those sticky wickets for some, since how do we deal with the questions of spirituality, and that over and against the gaming of super naturalism. When does the willingness to be open to discussion become the very teflon mind where nothing sticks.

Oh this adds the tastey sauce to the discussion of when and how should we tolerate titular totalitarianism from telivised tyrants? Has Berlusconi Created Titillating TV 'Fascism' in Italy? - An interview with Erik Gandini, director of the documentary Videocracy, an account of how Berlusconi's sex-obsessed media empire has shaped the country over the past 30 years. - more importantly can we afford this sort of videocracyGap?

Meanwhile the evil liberals offer us The Rise of the Student Sex Columnist Movement - The explosion of student sex columns represents a campus movement possessed of the same subversive potential that fueled 1960s student activism. But was 'free sex' really that radical or subversive? Or was it just a marketable handle to hand the angst of the Roverians who really wanted to get laid, but never quite had the chutzpah to give up their ideological silliness and actually meet real live college girls! ( oh yes, I hate the break the bad news, but I learned from my mother that she was one of those girls who wanted her MS before her Mrs, but wound up getting involved with one of those vets back from the war in europe. And I was JUST SHOCKED! It was as if the older generation had been doing what, well, our generation found so novel and new! And yes Virginia, there are sparticus youth leaguers who are willing to go beyond a bit of trotskyite deviationalism with the appropriately gendered, irregardless of the allignment of geo-political forces. Some have even gone out with maoists!!! )

Or is it just that time of year again? 5 Crazy Right-Wing Freak-Outs in Just One Glorious Week - A hilarious look at conservative thought in the Obama era. Maybe something to do with the pollen and dander count? Coeds giving up the summer togs for the winter wrap ups? Space Alien Brain Wave Death Rays - that without enough Death Panels to collect them, are killing of the BrainWaves of some?

In the AsOpposedToWhat category we have: Scarborough on Limbaugh: Swing Voters Will See That and Think Republicans Have Gone Off the Deep End - uh yeah. Suddenly Scarborough wants to stab the TheyThemThose in the back because of his rapid and radical drift to the hard left, or what? Where are the RINO Rave Dancers now?

Yes, newstalgia is the right grouper: California As Third World Country - 1978 back when the total Military Victory of Prop-13 saved the world!

Oh this is an interesting issue: Karl Rove Suspended on Twitter? - well, there you go, more proof of the HORRORS of the evil liberals.

Interesting The joint Post/Obama defense of the Patriot Act and FISA greenwald still seems cranky about an extreme piece of government-serving, stenographic "journalism," even when it is an Obamanation, and not merely the product of the TreeHuggerInChief. Makes one wonder about having standards that do not change with the political drift of the parties? Or is he really saying that the Obamanites IS the New RINO Rave Dancers?

Evil Liberals Release Super Secret Phase II implementation details: s9: What Atrios Says - which in this case includes the unmasking of the underPantGnomeKonspirakii!

Ok, I am not sure I have anythiing witty to say about Navy Looks to Stop Enemy Ray Guns - ok, so maybe there is a really clear and compelling reason to HAVE Death Panels to soak up all of those enemy death rays.

Pakistan is the New ACORN? Surprise! Pakistan Siphoned off Billions in U.S. Military Aid Blink?

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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