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links for 2009.10.05

Yesterday was CloudCamp at CoderCamp - which was an interesting unconference. A fun strategy for letting the people who are in the game help each other get ideas brain stormed. The big challenge remains the problem of when, where and how should standards be developed - or are we best with the survival of the most doable. I like standards, but rough consensus and working code always beats woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Scary Question Time again? Should the military be limited by mere civilian leadership, and the desirement of the civilians who merely elected them? Didn't the majikal powers act free them from the worries of Gates: Military will fall in line on Afghanistan.

Side bar note, have you ever noticed the number of libertarianIsta who all like to talk about governments engaged in the crime of theft, and thus that their mental framework is that governments are criminal conspiracies. Yet they want to allow for the criminal conspiracy of a military. So gosh kids, should the cirminal conspiracy of a military be constrained by any other clique of criminals?

Now that FrontLine, the PBS communist front show, is pimping Obama's War doesn't that just prove that it is all about the RED Socialist WarThingiePooh, and not like the real americans live in a nation at war.

Then there is After Deadly Assault, Questions Linger Over Afghanistan Strategy - unfortunately the defeatist rumour mongers at WIRED, were not clear if they back a military or a civilian victory on the strategy and policy front.

That, uh, if only.... Democratic Divisions in the Senate - ah yes, in a battle royal with the Republican Guard Units... more proof of why personally owning tanks brings the FreeMarket Solutions to bear on the body politics, right after the initial artillery fire and the air strikes.

Some things are not like other things: Michele Bachmann Lobbies for Christian Punk Ministry Bent on Forcing Christ in Public Schools - The Christian punk rock band organizes motivational student assemblies to bring conservative Christian dogma to public schools. Separation of church and state, anyone? What clearer proof can there be that we need Permenante Capitale Gaines Taxe Cuts! You know, to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages!

And now, this Jewel in the Rough: Jesus Is Their Health Care: Why Conservative Christians Oppose Real Reform - Christian conservatives support health care co-operatives -- but only for other Christians. Sounds like something Jesus would approve of. I think we all know:
It is not a proven Fact!
So of course only those who can prove that they are not afflicted by god for their sins should be supported for having an health rather than a Sin Problem

Speaking of SinHancedInterrogationTechniques, this just in: How an Innocent Man Was Tortured Into Making False Confessions - Like torture victims groomed for show trials throughout the centuries, Fouad al-Rabiah made up false stories under torture in the hopes of one day leaving Guantanamo. Remember kampers, understand IF there will be a show trial before helping out.

They call this strange? Lysol-Scented Vaginas: The Strange History of Douching - clearly some folks are still laying siege to the 21st century - and are not going to get buffalloed by a bunch of liberals into arrive in the 21st Century with it's FreakShows!

And what should the anti-TeaPartyCrowd be doing? Tea Party Patrons Point New Recruits Toward 2010 - Conservative Tycoon David Koch Acknowledges Financial Role in Anti-Tax Movement - hum, what if the gag is about tax cuts for the greedy and not about supporting the troops?

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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