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Today we get the office up, the right type of shower curtains and stuff in her bathroom, and crush the UnBelievers with the Majikal Staff Of Power Shopping and Put MordoreIstania under the domination of Global Economics, and the feeDome from IranIranqIstanianStan Flying Saucers Of The Shire - drieuxBaggins.

{ wimps crush the unbelievers in LessDoreIstania! }

What federal law covers Pimping the Cockled Husband? Inquiries on Senator Ensign Are Anticipated I can see a matter at equity, if KomradePartyLeader ensign were taking her Tax Depreciation Schedule Away from her lawful write off PerKin, but...

Wow, is this the new GOP strategy for solvin everThing? Todd Palin resigns from oil job - now don't get me wrong here, but where in the bible does it say that a Husband has to follow the crazy ways of his wife? Why gosh, there is that part about how wives are to be silent in the church, and gosh, since there is no separation between church and state, his wife should remain silent, you know, so that those evil liberal secularists don't attack the True Party for allowing some sort of radical feminist agenda to destroy our white christian america.

{ and as I have told folks, NO! The GOP agenda is not about having americans die early! Since then one can not harvest all of their very precious fiscal assets, including their virgin daughts, as was cleraly laid out in the old testament. }

Oh this can get crazyScary Fast:
A finding that the Second Amendment protects individuals’ right to own a gun could therefore have the unexpected outcome of also providing more solid ground for recognition of the right to abortion, to sexual privacy, to gay marriage, and to a wide variety of other rights that conservative justices on the court and “originalist” constitutional scholars have long opposed.
[ cf Gun Case Could Broaden Legal Basis for Wide Range of Rights ( emphasis mine ) ]
The subHeading is: Scholars Hope New Take on 14th Amendment Emerges From Chicago Handgun Decision - interesting way to argue this. As most know, I consider handguns in the category of what you use in lieu of a weapon to secure a weapon. So NORMALLY I worry when the supreme's are taking a look at the GunBrandisher's fetish for a specific subset of their kult, and not actually looking at how to get more RPG's, ATGM's, SAM, etc into the hands of a well regulated militia. But this discussion is about the privileges and immunities of the 14th Ammendment, and will be interesting to see where the libertarians opt in or out of their rhetorical posturing with regards to their favorite fetish. Wearing a gun no more makes you a warrior, than wearing a router makes you a network solution. So cope with it scrubs.

You have to respect the anti-americanism of the psuedoCons: Ingraham, Pence Mock America’s Olympic Loss - thank god it is not like the nation were at war, with troops dying overseas to protect their constitutional rights to openly HATE AMERICA!

Defeatist Rumour Mongering: Christian Zionists Eye Iran - ah yes, clearly one more clear and compelling argument why some version of the no separation of church and state crew should be allowed to expand the empire in anyway they can get away with it.

Blink, and this is your PostSurrealism Embracing it's Total Draft Dodger KulturKampf: What's Really Behind Conservative Pundit George Will's Call for Total Withdrawal From Afghanistan? - Neocons went into a froth of anger over Will's open call for an end to the war in Afghanistan -- which is exactly what he was hoping for. Clearly someone has to remind americans that our LiberalBlueHelmettedOneWorldRadicalLeftWingExtremist policies of Dubya were never really supported by TRUE america, that has always opposed the failure of TheTreeHuggerInChief.

Or how better to do the performance art: Video: Glenn Beck's Secret for Crying on Cue: Vicks VapoRub Under the Eyes - A leaked video of a Glenn Beck photo shoot shows the FOX News host having a substance applied under his eyes, which then begin to stream for the camera. I sure hope folks never confused his performance art to any sort of commitment to his alleged positions.

Do you know the top ten crazy things said in the UN? Things They Say at the U.N. Do you want to know?

The shrill one gets nasty: Obama’s Anzio - in which he hopes that unlike his january position, that unemployment will peek in the 10% range, since clearly it did not peek at the 9% point. This of course bodes unpleasant for those who were opposed to an actual economic stimulous package. We can only hope that the defeatist rumour mongers are rounded up and all keep clapping thier hands to keep Komrade Party Leader Tinker Belle as the most gloriously victorious Economic Warrior defeating the sins of liberalism on Wall Street, since clearly we must be always more winningest than ever! Or the Terrorists will do scary things to America!

The shrill one gets nasty in Party of Beavis and Butt-head calling them dumb middle aged adolescents, and pointing folks at Conservatives Revel In America's Olympic Defeat - simply because he considers that a read it and weep moment.

Oh dear, "Sarah Palin? She's A Dope! Write A Book? She Can't Read A Book!" Don Imus - oh dear, who died and left Imus with a shot at the MostlyNotInsanePsuedoCon!

C&L's Late Nite Music Club with The Monochrome Set because by here you just NEED The Jet Set Junta to keep it all in focus!

Ah yes, now you can feel safer about America's Number One Hot New Investment Craze - The Privatized paramilitary force - because nothing says local control like an international corporate conglomorate installing their paramilitary product lines in your Space: Damage Control - helpful advice to you PR freaks for the coming wave of WarLordIsms - do not use the phrase a private paramilitary security force in your press release, when you are trying to make sure that folks understand that you are merely the Martians from Mars Attacks! Since of course you want everyone to know that YOU COME IN PEACE! Which is why it is so important for your lead assault troops to keep playing that recording while you enhance your profit margins! ( oh yes, see also Who Knew? )

Oh seriously Oh Dear:
I wonder if right-wingers would be less stoked if Chicago were part of America.
[ citing Counterfactual ( emphasis mine ) ]
Oh dear, do we have to take Chicago Back from the MexiKanukiStanians?

Oh dear Brad Delong has got all tied up in numbers: Another Bad Employment Report (I-Wish-We-Had-a-Ripcord-to-Pull Department) - someone clearly needs to explain to him:
Number THEORY is just a THEORY!
It is not a proven Fact!
and thus one should never allow the numbers to undermine one's faith in the Total Military Glorious Victorious Mission Accomplished Dance against the evils of the liberals of wall street!

Oh dear, Can We Please Stop Having Bulls--- from David Brooks in the New York Times Now? - in which the DemiShrilOne presents a 1993 posture from KomradePartyLeader Brooks about KomradePartyLeaderRush, and the current posseur Posturing of brooks about life in GlennBeckIstania!

In the just in case you need to know When a minor in Philadelphia needs an abortion - one has to wonder what sort of reality space we live in where the number one option is to go out of state.

Oh these folks smart: Knight Report: Broadband Openness Key To Information-Sharing - Foundation President Ibarguen says universal broadband an "essential need" - thank god it's not like Personal Health ever gets on anyone's personally important thingies...

Come On Down PostSurrealistProNationalistaFreakers: Spooks want govt to block Skype - ah yes.... how exactly do we want our transparency implemented again?

In the, yes they posted that: Microsoft’s Silverlight Helps Winchester Sell Silver Bullets - where we learn:
Winchester’s Ballistics Calculator lets gun users choose their type of ammunition and then compare up to five different bullet types with charts and graphs.
Or should we say, putting the BANG! back into the flash killer app!

UnGodly Defeatist Rumour Mongering Wanking Whiners: Yes, It’s Time to Contain Al Qaeda. - where they try to introduce folks to a guy named George F. Kennan the father of KontainMentTheory. Granted, you can see the evil liberal stab in the back! Since of COURSE Richard M. Nixon lead the Grand Panzer Armee though Hanoi and straight on to Peking to crush the Unbelievers in the vietnam war. While it was Ronald Zap RayGunn who lead the Grand Panzer Armee that Krushed Communism completely, ending the cold war and bring the great economic miracle to Russia! I mean who can forget how Important the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp had been in both cases, and how it lead the parade in Moskva, just as it did through the Kapitals of IranIranqIstaniaStan! So why ever would we want to use a containment theory given the clear and compelling proof of massive military solutions always cause the win to be winningest!

Oh dear, there goes the whiney liberals whinning about killing the innocent for reasons of national security! Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Crime - what is there to investigate - if the state killed the guy for reasons of national state security, then of course the guy was some sort of Alien Reptile Person! And there is nothing in the constitution that protect alien reptile persons! Or a designation by any state official who may have believed that they were given a lawful order by someone up the food chain to designate a person as an Alien Reptile Person! I mean, do we want to have every official looking over their sholder when it comes to designating persons as Alien Reptile Persons????

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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