drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Things are Rolling along on the move

Well, woof and I got focus'd a bit. We were going to do two things today, get the comcast internet connection, and VOIP phone up and running. That worked out fine. The poor tech of course had to deal with the reality that the wire in the room we wanted to use, was connected to something, but what is not at all clear. The big silly is that some how back at ComCastHq, they thought that the job was only partially done, not understanding that no, we did not need or want 'cable' to provide us with Digital Images. The second part of the drill was getting the rugs sorted out, and Oh dear. That worked. We had looked at some options at DIY_A, and were going through DIY_B, when we found the basics, and purchased and installed them. This lead to the fun of having to get up to IKEA to get her new concept for a desk, rather than running up to davis tomorrow to pick up the other one... which will now get rendered to someone who really needs it.

All in all, a good enough day, except for the part where she tried to force my glasses through my head with the desk top.... but those things happen.

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