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links for 2009.10.02

DAY 2 of the MoveTheDrieuxFestival!

Headlines you should not put near each other
Steve Schmidt: Palin Would Be "Catastrophic" Choice for 2012
Close to the Missing Link -- Oldest Human Ancestor Discovered
More Proof Evil Liberal Media Is Evil, and Liberal, and Media!

More Proof Of Obamanite Extremism: President Barack Obama leads Mahatma Gandhi birthday tributes - President Barack Obama has honoured Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian spiritual leader’s birthday, saying his teachings transformed American society. Good God! What more proof do americans need that he is some sort of CryptoIslamoZionistExtremists!

Tea Party Movement Returns Christian Right to Its Racist Past - For years, the religious right tried to lose its racist image, reverting to homophobia as its hatred of choice. As it joins the Tea Party fray, it may once again have to own both. The harder discussion point remains, what will it take for americans to step beyond these simple emotionally charged follies, and try to put together arguments in a simply boring and rational way. Is that really condemned to wait for the next evolution when the simple merits of a rational argument will be all that it takes?

The shrill one on fiscal stuff: Multiplying multipliers - how much longer do americans have to suffer from these freaks who believe that reasoning is a relevant part of the national discourse, and would provide a common platform for mere civil decency in the public square.

In 1972, Republicans Voted For A National Healthcare Plan for Kidney Patients. What Changed? - the shorter answer, NIXON WAS A RADICAL LEFT WING EXTREMIST!

( more later, maybe )

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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