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links for 2009.10.01

Finally a Glorious Military Victory for the process of stuff? Iraq Commander Signals No Accelaration in Troop Withdrawal - Odierno's Testimony Counters Talk of Moving Iraq Troops to Afghanistan. Interesting, will the ProWarCrowd be rushing to enlist, to be all that they can be, as the army of one, so that they are also specially trained for their coming Coup? Or are they just gonna keep on KarlRovingRushLimbaughing Draft Dodging it along, as always.

More Proof that we are defeating the UN Forces In Afghanistan? Galbraith Ally Resigns From U.N. Mission in Afghanistan Or does this signal that now more than ever, in keeping with taking back America, that we must end our involvement with the Faile Nation Building Programme in Afghanistan? You know, protect our innocent children from the threat of the BlueHelmettedOneWorlders!

Yes boys and NonPerkins, it is officially safe now to support the president to support the Troops: Retired Generals, Admirals Back Obama’s GTMO Closure - Former Officers Meet With DOJ, Defense Department - or have the evil obamanites used their mindmeld technology to destroy the very coup that would have saved us from having the military support the civilian government! I'm not saying the Obamanites have replaced americans with Alient Reptile People Clones, but it could happen.

Get on That Bus: Fear of Fascism, ‘Gay Agenda’ Dominates Conservative Kickoff for Midterm Elections - Huckabee, Bachmann Among GOP Stars at 'How to Take Back America Conference' but would the Reds really support a mere civilian president who was merely elected to office? I mean, how Gay is that!?!

Are you doing your Par?: It's Banned Books Week!

The Evil Liberals Are COMING! Americans Are Still Buying Gas-Guzzlers, But Here Are 7 Signs That the Market for Green Transport Is Exploding - More and more Americans are finding other ways to get around in greener fashion, from Smart Cars to Vespas. Ok, so now that I will be moving into a place where I have a garage, and the prospects of being able to plug one in, the idea of a cute little commutoCar that is all electric is too Cool!

Hold The Presses, Massive News Flash Explodes On Horizon: Saying what needs saying: Fox News is not a news entity, it's a political creature - well, now that is novel. Not actually new, but at least interesting to see anyone considering that reality space.

But of course supporting the best little whore house in texas is a part of defending the FeeDome of Our White Christian American Kultur Kampf! It's not like they are GAY! Can't Quit Da Ladies - ah yes, remember when entrepreneurship meant more than "one of the best-known gentlemen's clubs in Dallas."

Of course there is a reason that steele offers the Higher Crazy Michael Steele sends out fundraising pitch comparing President Obama's "fanaticism" to Stalin and Kim Jong Il. It is because We're From The Militia and We're Here to Help where we learn about some mysterious shadow privatize corp doing American Police Force because all of them RED Socialist LawEnforcement thingiePoohs breed COMMUNISM and push granny under the flying saucer. ( ah yes, for those halcyon days when one had to work to make batShitCrazy pitches that would merit a talk.bizarre posting. )

Oh dear Heckuva Job Bushie where we learn that one of them thar JudicialActivistsOnTheBench has opted to allow Social Security Payments to previously obviously fugatives
The supposed fugitives include a disabled widow with a previously suspended driver's license, a quadriplegic man in a nursing home and a Nevada grandmother mistaken for a rapist.
But those folks could still be in league with the Alien Reptile People! And be under some super secret Mind Control that the Obamanite Space Aliens use!!! I'm not saying they are, but they could be you know.

They may not be as serious - but the sardonic note might ring the bell:
That is, downturns are either the result of a great forgetting of technological and organizational knowledge, a great vacation as workers develop a sudden extra taste for leisure, or a great rusting as the speed with which oxygen in the air corrodes speeds up and so reduces the value of large things made out of metal.
[ cf Economic History and Modern Macro: What Happened? ( emphasis mine ) ]
I think we all support the FastOxygenOption, as that seems the most likely to be caused by Alien Reptile Peoples who are terraForming the Planet to their TerraIsm, thus proving that Obamanites are evil liberals who are pushing granny and the economy under the flying saucer so that the Evil Space Aliens will be able to establish their own RED Socialist SpaceAlienKibbutz! Or there are still some problems with the freshwater economic wingNuttery that are not working so gooder in the current actual economic incidents!

( oh yes, telling me that californias, the land of new age and crystals, are optomistic about the economic go forward, is uh, not a strong reed to push through one's hand. So do not lean to hard on it. )

Or Brad Does The Shrill One: Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Capital Markets Policy

Don't YOU feel safer? PCalc Prevents iPhone Profanity ( h/t daring fireball who noted: Never again will a child’s innocence be lost after turning a number like 5318008 upside-down. )

You are all Cisco now - what a freak show: Cisco Buys Norwegian Firm for $3 Billion - yes, they bought tandberg... are we there yet?

Well that either settles it, or it doesn't: Larry Ellison Still Hates “Cloud Computing Nonsense” (Video) which leads with
According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is a paradigm of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. According to Larry Ellison, it’s nonsense and water vapor.
I think we all feel so much gooder Now.

WHAT? A chain of command is a chain of command, and that there are like links in it, and that the Komrade Party Leader of The Defense Department is a part of that chain of command, and not like some sort of welfare recipient who got the give away job from a friend because they were having a hard time of it in the private Sector. Well GOLLY, who'd have thunk it! Obama and McChrystal Don’t Talk? Good, Says Army Historian - I mean what next, some strange ideas like no, the president does not have to brief your fireteam on it's missions?

In other scary news The Kremlin’s Eeeevil New Plan to Rein in Bloggers. For those of you who may have forgotten, they are the Other
and they probably also push grany under the flying saucer as well.

And if that does not scare you enough: Picture This: China’s Miniskirted Militia BOOGA! BOOGA!

AND YES! It is like so obvious: Late Night: Conservative Bloggers Cower Before Marxo-Fascist Dictator, Are Probably Sissies - like duh!

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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