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links for 2009.09.30

Got Coup? Newsmax columnist: Military coup "to resolve the 'Obama problem' " is not "unrealistic" - and the tasty bit: If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. Ah yes, that word may not mean what he thinks it means. ( ah yes, the courage of their convictions - Newsmax Columnist: Military Coup May Be Needed 'To Resolve The Obama Problem' - is this really a part of NewsMax opting in to live in peace with a democratically elected government? Or just more of the same policy of seeking a mutiny inside of the US Armed Forces that will support their desirement for a post democratic society? )

Speaking of people who are amusing in their efforts to build a support for a coup: Bachmann: U.S. Faces One-World Currency, End of U.S. Sovereignty (Video) - Rep. Michele Bachmann Speaks at 'How to Take Back America Conference' ah yes, we do agree that it would be nice to get the american currency back to being merely a national currency and not the reserve currency. But I am so amused that she has failed to detect that it was the role of the global reserve currency that has allowed the gambit of 'but reagan taught us that deficits do not matter', a point that seems to be politically viable only when it is a part of the correct ideology.

So should the warLord be allowed to indefinitely detain folks in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU? Why Are Civil Liberties Groups Happy About Obama Detaining People? - which offers us an interesting insight into the discussion. We can only hope that the author's analysis is right, that as long as it is merely an anomaly of the executive perks, then it at least is not canonized into law. As such it is a matter than can be overturned in the courts on at least a case by case basis.

What concerns me of course is what happens after the coup?

The U.S. and Europe Have Propped Up So Many Corrupt "Democracies" That the Word Is Losing Meaning - What's next in a world where democracy has been so hollowed out? Ah yes, what would it be like to lose the USofA as an actual safe haven for actual democracy.

Well, uh, because it makes us feel gooder about ourselves? Why Are We Lying to Ourselves About Our Catastrophic Economic Meltdown? - Sorry, it's not over yet. This downturn will be severe and long-lasting, and profoundly re-shape our lives, culture, society and the world. Which is clearly NOT what i want; but is the nightmare that it would be nice if we avoided. Why we could shift to a National Health Defense Initiative, taking that burden off the back of american employers, so that they could focus on making themselves ACTUALLY competitive on a global scale... We might even consider the option of giving up the myths of being the masters of universe, and in some way obliged to bear the white man's burden... it could happen.

What? Defeatist Rumour Mongering? Stocks sink as jitters return - Weaker-than-expected reports on employment and manufacturing overshadow a better-than-expected reading on GDP, sending stocks lower. - I SOOO hope that tongodeon is wrong about the high water mark of the DOW, but I am not sure that I see where the fundamentals would support things. Not that I would ever engage in defeatist rumour mongering.

Now this is interesting, not sure where it will lead: A Scholar to Keep Your Eye On - a good introduction to a new scholar Among Kaba’s recent writings: “Overrepresentation of Kenyan Students in Colleges and Universities in the United States” ; “The Black World and the Dual Brain Drain” ; and i will leave it up to folks what the links there really tell us about the debate. I do hope that in the long run it will make it safe for young students of color to grow up and become Angry Young Professors of Note and Merit, and not merely angry! Since that way will mess with the whiteyRightyTightyTypes who have their nickers in a wad about racialist issues, when they should be concerned about actual academic issues and standards.

Shrill one not being nice, Does unconventional monetary policy solve the zero bound problem? In which he gets rude, abusive, and down right unamerican by noting:
Which means that the zero bound is still binding, which means that right now we’re very much still in liquidity trap territory.
While our troops remain undefeated in the field!

Ah yes, I so enjoy a good laugh! Moral decay? Or deregulation? In which the shrill one notes that the prime mover in the eighties that could or would have been leading the attack on calvinist virtues was, wait for it, The Reaganites! Oh me! Oh MY! Why gosh, golly gee whiz! How can that be?

The Daily Show-- America: Target America - yes, you do have to see how HORRID it be getting. I am just SHOCKED at the evil defeatist rumour mongering...

Oh dear - danger art: Flatulence and Finance - you were warned.

Some people have NO tolerance for weasle wording. The weasel-worded case for bringing Roman Polanski to justice - so we can hope that finally this case will come to completion.

You can have it when you rip it from... oh wait, Touching: All Rumors Point To The End Of Keys/Buttons - it seems that the rumour of an iTablet from Apple will be an all touch screen story, but what about those who are doing the texting? I hope it will at least take a bluetooth keyboard...

Draft Policy Would OK Troops’ Tweets.

Yeah, and now we get to discuss: Pentagon Web 2.0 Strategy Could Give Spies, Geeks New Roles - Hum... what if there is really a far more subtler message that we will need to address here? We watch the progression to the phalanx under the greeks, that devolves into the more open formations of the Roman Legion, that transmogrifies into the rank and file riflery of napoleonics, while out in the hinterland the use of riflry leads to scary tech, and looser formations. Not merely the simplistic skirmish line, but actually dispersed fire teams.... And now we arrive in the age of an army of ONE... What if it is SERIOUSLY time to rethink the role of the Military-Industrial-Post-Infotainment Complex?

Oh this has so gotta hurt the freshwater economists who have been so obviously stabbed in the back, How Dare He! GOSH scary words from a republican
I think at a time of war, I think at a time of recession, ...
( emphasis mine )
WHAT? Obama should not be pitching ChiTown to the olympic kommisariate of summer Horror! And how did majikally it become a time of war? And how can this defeatist kapitulationist kut undt runner suggest his rumour mongering horror that there is a recession on? Where is the supporting the president to support the troops! Doesn't this radical peace freak hippie know that in a time of war there can not be a recession! Because war is good for bizNiz!

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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