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Talk to religion has Short Takes a list of interesting things they found.

Where were you on 2008.09.29? The end of the manic depressive market - The Dow suffered its biggest point drop ever a year ago -- but also its biggest point gain. Now, stocks are rallying in an orderly fashion. Thank heavens for that. Don't you feel better about all of that?

Or, how are we going to stop MexiKanukistania from imposing their RED Socialist ThingiePooh? Frank Gaffney: The North American Union Is Real (Video) - Conservative Pundit Warns Conference Crowd of Threat to Merge U.S. With Canada, Mexico and does that provide enough of an edge to support a civil war against the current Alien Repitile People in the white house?

Mean while we have to wonder why all of those evil liberals made all of those unregulated hedge funds? Wall Street Lies Blame Victims to Avoid Responsibility for Financial Meltdown - To hear it from the big financial companies, the big crash started when poor people bought homes they couldn't afford. But that was at most 1% of the problem. Ah yes, what will it be like when the PsuedoCons wake up to how conned they got conned in the game. Interesting how Dubya was not willing to be the herbert hoover, but of course he had already opted to abandon the troops so what would it matter if he opted into a failed TARP programme where the money went out but none of the obligatory regulatory standards were mandated... a real win-win story line. Since then it was all about those liberals, you know, Dubya and friends...

Progress and Prosperity! Scary: Bullet Makers Can't Keep Up With Demand - "I call it the Obama effect," says one Louisiana gun dealer. You have to respect the market for survivalism. These freaks were unable to attend the DubyaNoBidContract games, and that lead the DOD to stop loss orders, but now they be trying to revitalize the economy, one gun brandishing at a time. Why don't they ever have a fetish about say a Sun Starfire? Or a stack of X servers, or some routers.... Nothing says a total lack of tactical awareness like stroking that 8" of blue steel barrel on their handgun - nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you know what I mean, Say No MORE!

Americans Pay More to Die Earlier -- Why Is Our Health Care System So Screwed Up? - Because it was created by Dr. Frankenstein and Satan? Actually, the truth is far less comforting. Thank god we live in an america where pragmatism died a long time ago...

The Shrill One believes we are in a liquidity trap: The true fiscal cost of stimulus as if the economy were facing a lack of room for the fed to cut interest rates.
Under more normal conditions the conventional view of stimulus is more or less right. But we’re in liquidity-trap conditions now, and will be for a long time if official projections are at all right.
Gosh, golly, gee whiz, the fed fund rate is 0.25%, so clearly there is a whole lot of down side that they could cut out before it gets to 0.00% - and even still, why does that rule out using negative, irrational, or even imaginary numbers as a basis for the fed rate? Limiting the discussion to merely the ratio of whole numbers is well, so pre-pythagorean!

Has Palin Gone French On Us? Open Thread - besides it is good to see she got her memoir done ahead of schedule. But will folks get half way through it and learn that she quit so she could get on with the important things. Could it be that the book industry has a dark seamy under belly of graft and corruption, in which it is all about offering bribes to party apparachniki?

You just have got to respect traditional family values: Smoking Gun, where we learn
We all knew McCaughey was a paid liar, but not a tobacco-funded paid liar.
Why shouldn't folks be the paid media agents when acting in an alleged civilian capacity. You can always find folks who will stand around and be the unpaid help advocating more feeMarketeering! But I guess those dupes got what they were paid for...

Oh god, now that is funny: For Alan Greenspan, lapdog to Ayn Rand, perhaps the only person in America not to recognize the possibility of human greed in the financial markets; read the rest in Fed Up. Could his sudden support for appropriate regulatory oversight be his fear that Jesus will not like him for what he did?

This has soooooo got to be so an inside academic discussion: On the Analysis of "Degraded" Popular Cultural Forms - there is clearly some value to be found in understanding the various degraded popluar cultural forms from slasher flicks, /slash fanzines, the left behind series. But whether or not that study should be political is not at all clear to me. For there to be a gooder political frame work, wouldn't one want to have a good argument about why somethings are a degraded cultural form? and what should be a preferred cultural form?

Oh god, so sadly NO! Breitbart: Take On M.E.Ch.A.! The fear is that I might start watching saturday night live to see if this is a self parody time spoofing itself with ironic twinges of post surrealism.

Interesting point: Apple Rehires a Developer of Its Newton Tablet - proof of a pending MacTablet? Or an iTablet? Or more speculation on apple?

Two U.S. Troops Killed in Forgotten Filipino Counterinsurgency - makes me wonder if the DraftDodgerKulturKampfrs of GlennBeckIstania even remembered that we were still in that war as well? And will this drive the new meme that the recent flooding in the PI was caused by IranIranqiStaniaStan Flying Saucers...

Go Team Venture! How About a Civil War Over Universal Health Care? - you sooooo have to go there! Because otherwise the Obamanites will push granny under the flying saucer for the intergalaxtic catchow corporation!

Oh god no: The International Teabagging Conspiracy - so do not go there. Nope, turn around, and walk away, SCREAMING!

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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