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links for 2009.09.28

Irving Kristol Did Not Die offers a good enough study of the neo-con movement. One of the important items:
Like many of his neocon fellow travelers of his generation - Robert H. Bork and Bill Bennett come to mind - he severely overreacted to the 1960s. Instead of properly viewing them as being events naturally of their time and place in history, he ascribed changing morals as systemic cultural rot.
It should make us all wonder whether we are looking at a mere matter of the zeitgeist, or is it more systemic in nature.

Our Man at the G20 (#1): Behind The Protest - another great photo essay from bagnews.

We have always been more winningIst Gloriously Victoriously than ever before: Pakistan to Allow U.S. Military Ops in Exchange for Aid - It will be difficult and dangerous to take on the Taliban and al-Qaeda inside Pakistan in a struggle in which there are no guarantees of success. Oh goodie, now we can more socially bomb Pakistan for feeDome! Wow, what progress this has become. I mean what next more winningIst Gloriously Victoriously than ever before in IranIranqIstaniaStan?

The Priesthood in which the freakOnomics crew admits that economics is a dangerous kult...

And now the other Duh! moment - Question of the day for Glenn Beck fans in Seattle: Does President Obama hate white people? - like of course, I mean, totally the evil Obamanites are persecuting white people everywhere because they are not willing to bear the white man's burden of keeping the darkies in their place like god intended them....

But he is NOT GAY, Village Voice: 'Independent' Filmmaker James O'Keefe Has A Right-Wing Sugar Daddy. Extra credit if this really came as a shocking surprise?

Yeah Our Team:
we took a middleaged aircraft engineer who flew to Afghanistan for charitable purposes a short while before 9/11, cobbled together some insane story out of interrogations from unreliable informants, and tortured him into confessing to it. If I follow the course of events correctly through all the redactions, we then continued to torture him because the story we told him to confess to didn't make any sense. And now we've asked a judge to keep him imprisoned on the basis of the confessions that the US interrogators found unbelievable.
[ cf This Is Shameful ]
( h/t to brad delong ) now isn't that so the way things keep on going? As a nation we are still so in that post surrealist phase of our culture. And remember, it is important to confess to a believable story, so that the torturers do not get embarrassed by their apparent lack of believability.

Oh dear, BigLaw has learned the value of outsourcing overseas: The ABA is enabling the legal industry's downfall, but it still won't buy me a drink - hum, will this lead to a drop in the number of lawyer like folks supporting the various mythicMythParties that are still defending the older myths about how america would have been if it had not been for radical left wingers like Dubya and his dirty stinking hippies spending all of that blood and treasure on their viagra-substitute of IranqIstania. Or will we just have to ride this slow and steady collapse of empire, until we too can have our own kinky boots economic revival.

We may all have to learn new social media rules - WaPo’s Social Media Guidelines Paint Staff Into Virtual Corner; Full Text of Guidelines meets Jobvite Lets You Search for Employees Through Social Networks. Oh hold it, prior to ethernet packets, networking was the social media of meeting, greeting, and learning not to kill folks, as a part of working out various nash bargaining solutions that added survival value. Useful piece of advice kids; learn to be nice, learn to work and kill well with others.

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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